Formula 1 medical car driver refuses to get vaccinated

At home blacksmith, wooden knife; and in the medical car from Formula 1, there is a pilot who refuses to get vaccinated. That is why Alan van der Merwe has withdrawn from the Turkish Grand Prix, because he has given a positive result in a COVID test to which he was subjected.

It is the second time this season that the driver of the medical car has missed a race for this reason. This is something that has put the media spotlight on Alan van der Merwe. Many fans considered the South African vaccinated and have been interested in it. After knowing that no, a large majority has publicly requested that he be relieved as a driver of the Formula 1 medical car.

According to Alan van der Merwe, if he has not been vaccinated, it is “for personal reasons”. The South African will miss the World Cup final since to enter Qatar and Saudi Arabia you have to be vaccinated. In addition, in Abu Dabi, to enter the paddock, the vaccination certificate is necessary. “I trust that these countries know what they are doing and that they also respect the more restrictive rules of other countries”, Commented on the matter the pilot of the medical car of Formula 1.

Why are you refusing to get vaccinated?

I am fully aware that I will potentially have fewer job opportunities or that my freedom of movement will be more restricted by my choices. The fact that I do not choose thinking about my health does not mean that I am making selfish decisions. We all want to be healthy. I will continue to adhere to public health guidelines, reduce risk as much as possible, and respect the decisions of others equally. There does not need to be polarization or hatred in every discussion about masks or vaccines”, Continued Alan van der Merwe.

Vaccines are proving to be safe and effective for the vast majority of people. But what if you are not in the majority?”, He reflected on his social networks.

The members of Formula 1 had the possibility to get vaccinated in Bahrain

It should be noted that the 2021 season began in Bahrain, where three weeks before an atypical preseason shorter than usual took place. This led the Government of the country to offer the vaccine to all personnel related to the Great Circus. Lto Formula 1, for their part, he left it in the hands of the teams, which in turn left it in the hands of their members, to get vaccinated.

For example, among the pilots, Sebastian Vettel refused to do so. “it’s a matter of principles. I received the offer in Bahrain to be vaccinated, but deliberately did not do it because it’s not my turn yet. It remains to be seen if my vaccine helps someone who needs it more, but it is a matter of principle, “argued the Aston Martin driver weeks later.

“There are many people who want to be vaccinated. Many of them are waiting. Younger people are not as at risk as older people. I’ll be vaccinated, but only when it’s my turn”Added the German.

The FIA ​​and the races Alan van der Merwe will miss

Seeing the repercussion that the driver of the Formula 1 medical car has generated has refused to be vaccinated, the FIA ​​has spoken out on the matter trying to take iron out of the matter. Regarding the races that Alan van der Merwe is going to miss, he stated: “There are a couple of countries they will probably not be allowed to enter unless they are vaccinated, which is no different than what occurs in other countries of the world with other types of vaccines such as malaria or similar. It is necessary to comply with these requirements and from that perspective, the FIA ​​must respect it, as must the teamsso van der Merwe may have to be replaced in some races. “

The driver of the Formula 1 medical car, from hero to villain

It should also be noted that many of those who are asking that Alan van der Merwe be relieved, they praised his performance in the Romain Grosjean accident. Asked about his intervention, which was decisive for the Frenchman to save his life, he declared: “I wouldn’t call it heroic. I think we did well, but I think we can do better next time. “It is a very positive story, it is very good for Formula 1. Validate that we are doing the right thing and that I think we should continue doing what we are doing, which is trying to improve things, “he concluded after the incident in Bahrain, which is curiously the country in which he has refused to be vaccinated.

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