Financial crimes in Mali: The Auditor General's 2020 report pinpoints the Prime Minister's office, the Malian embassies in Egypt, DRC, Ethiopia ...

The Auditor General’s 2020 annual report, submitted on Tuesday, October 12, to the president of the transition, Assimi Goïta, pinpoints the Prime Minister’s office, the embassies of Mali (Egypt, Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia), the Malian warehouses in Côte d’Ivoire (EMACI), Malian Warehouses in Senegal (EMASE), personalized government organizations (SOMAGEP-SA, AGEROUTE, ANASER, OPAM, N-SUKALA-SA).

According to the Auditor General, the impact of COVID-19 negatively affected the execution of the initial verification program for the year 2020 of the Office of the Auditor General (BVG) which carried out 22 missions out of the 33 planned. They include 12 financial or compliance audits, 4 performance audits, 5 recommendations follow-up audits and a policy evaluation. These missions, explains the Auditor General, covered the areas of Food Security, Infrastructure and Road Safety, Institutional Governance, Local Development, Health, Energy and Water.

The financial or compliance audits carried out in 2020, we read in the report, revealed several administrative irregularities including, among others, the non-keeping of stock accounting documents, poor / non-keeping of accounting documents, non-compliance with the rules governing cash management, non-observance of prerequisites for the entry into office of the Administrators, non-compliance with organic frameworks, non-existence of administrative, accounting and financial procedure manuals validated and / or up to date. As for financial irregularities, they were characterized by: – ​​the granting of unjustified advantages by acts contrary to the Public Procurement Code, in particular through the absence of competitive tendering, non-compliance with the criteria for awarding contracts. markets and fractionation; – expenditure not supported by supporting documents; – failure to comply with the procedure for the execution of public revenue and expenditure; – the payment of ineligible expenses and undue advantages, in particular to the representatives of Financial Control at the audited entities; – non-collection as well as non-repayment of collected revenue, if applicable, etc.

“The financial irregularities noted by the report are also the subject of denunciations addressed jointly to the President of the Accounts Section of the Supreme Court and to the Public Prosecutor at the Tribunal de Grande Instance, in charge of the competent Economic and Financial Pole”, underlines the report.

Thus, according to the report, the financial audit relating to the management of the Administrative and Financial Department (DAF) of the Prime Minister for the periods from April 10 to December 31, 2017 and from January 2, 2018 to April 22, 2019 revealed financial irregularities. amounting to CFAF 1.42 billion. The report also highlights the management of the following embassies: embassy of Mali in Egypt (financial irregularities of 1.16 billion FCFA), embassy of Mali in the Republic of Congo (financial irregularities of 391.94 million FCFA), embassy of Mali in Addis Ababa (financial irregularities of CFAF 15.66 million). The report also noted financial irregularities in the management of Malian warehouses in Ivory Coast (CFAF 2.59 billion) and Malian warehouses in Senegal (Financial irregularities, below, amount to 754.65 million of FCFA). Regarding the management of the Malian Drinking Water Management Company (SOMAGEP), the auditor general’s report indicates that financial irregularities amount to CFAF 678.47 million. The road maintenance fund by the road maintenance works executing agency (AGEROUTE) is also pinpointed by this report (financial irregularities during the expenditure carried out amount to FCFA 895.51 million.) the National Road Safety Agency (ANASER), financial irregularities amount to CFAF 626.37 million. The Office of the Auditor General noted financial irregularities amounting to CFAF 830.44 million at the Office des Produits Agricoles du Mali (OPAM). Regarding the management of the New Superior Kala Sugar Complex (N-SUKALA-SA), financial irregularities amount to CFAF 8.92 billion.

Regarding the management of local authorities, financial irregularities were observed for the period from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019: Bougouni (205.51 million FCFA), Commune Rurale de Siby (27.44 million FCFA .), Rural Municipality of Guégnéka – Fana (63.94 million FCFA).

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