Moumouni Guindo, president of the central office

The president of the transition, Colonel Assimi GOITA officially received, this Tuesday, October 12, 2021, the Auditor General’s 2020 Annual Report during a solemn ceremony at the Koulouba Palace, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr Choguel Kokalla Maïga and several members of his government. At the same time, the President of OCLEI was received by the Minister of Security and Civil Protection, Colonel-Major Daoud Aly Mohammedine.

This official submission of the annual report to the Head of State marks a year of investigative work within various public services, at the end of which a mapping of irregularities was established as well as the formulation of consequent recommendations. Thus out of 33 scheduled missions, the Office carried out twenty-one (21) verification missions and a public policy assessment, said in his speech Samba Alhamdou BABY, Auditor General who will specify that these missions concerned a department of the ‘Central administration, external services, personalized organizations, mining companies and Territorial Communities. According to the Auditor General, the choice of these twenty-two missions was based not only on the traditional risk mapping used by the Office, but also on the importance of the sectors of activity of the audited entities. The verification missions mainly covered the areas of food security, road infrastructure and safety, institutional governance, local development, health and finally Energy and water. This work carried out by the Auditor General was praised by the president of the transition Assimi Goita and the report is available on the auditor’s website. However, one can wonder about its content and the result of the various surveys carried out.

Still in the same dynamic, the president of the Central Office for the Fight against Illicit Enrichment (L’OCLEI), mr. Moumouni Guindo was received in audience by the Minister of Security and Civil Protection Colonel-Major Daoud Aly Mohammedine. The latter, in his introductory remarks, will say that his approach is part of a series of courtesy visits that he has initiated with members of the government. For him, certain ministerial departments, in particular that of security, occupy a special place in the register in which he operates. The President of OCLEI successively informed the Minister of the composition of the structure he heads and of his missions.

He reminded the Minister of Civil Protection of his missions which consist, among other things, in contributing to the improvement of public governance through the fight against corruption, prevention through information and awareness raising of public officials. as well as by supporting justice following administrative inquiries carried out by Judicial Police Officers whose professional qualities have been recognized.

Moumouni GUINDO placed particular emphasis on the poor reception to which his agents were subjected in certain state structures and the numerous threats and intimidations which ensue from this. In response to this concern, the Minister of Security and Civil Protection, Colonel-Major Daoud Aly MOHAMMEDINE reassured him of the total and entire availability of his Department to support him in his mission, by providing him with , if necessary, the elements of the security forces that he will need. And besides, said the Minister, all ministerial departments should support OCLEI in its mission, reminding the President of OCLEI, to conclude his remarks, that the Department of Security and Civil Protection is also involved in the fight against corruption which plagues our society.

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CFAF 1.42 billion in financial irregularities

The Auditor General’s 2020 Annual Report detects CFAF 1.42 billion as financial irregularities in the Administrative and Financial Department (DAF) of the Prime Minister. What to raise concerns within the populations on the management of public affairs.

The financial audit covers the management of the DAF for the periods from April 10 to December 31, 2017 and from January 2, 2018 to April 22, 2019. Its objective is to ensure the regularity and sincerity of expenditure operations. and the effectiveness of the handover and follows a referral from the Prime Minister.

Thus, the Administrative and Financial Department of the Prime Minister is pinned for non-compliance with the regulations on the authorization of procurement by direct agreement and internal control dysfunctions on the one hand and financial irregularities amounting to 1 , 42 billion FCFA on the other hand.

It emerges from the report given to the President of the transition by the Auditor General that the Administrative and Financial Director proceeded to the splitting of the expenses. During the 2017 budget year, it executed through acquisitions by request for quotation of expenses of the same nature, for the same functional unit whose cumulative amount reached the threshold required for procurement by request for information and of price.

It is also reproached that the Administrative and Financial Director did not return, to the public treasury, proceeds from the sale of competitive bidding documents for an amount of CFAF 2.6 million. However, following the provisional verification report, the said amount was returned on May 5, 2020.

Another detail, the DAF authorized the settlement of contracts awarded by request for information and prices without requiring payment of the regulation fee; which includes that it authorized the payment of 63 contracts without the suppliers having paid the regulatory fee. The amount of royalties not paid by the holders of the contracts concerned amounts to CFAF 4.82 million.

The same report indicates that the DAF authorized irregular payments by authorizing, during the periods under review, the payment of additional mission costs to the Prime Minister under the term “sovereignty costs” for an amount of CFAF 708.97 million, without production of supporting documents, contrary to regulatory provisions.

As for the special manager, he is accused of having made unjustified disbursements by making cash transfers not supported by supporting documents for an amount of CFAF 148.41 million.

In addition, he did not return to the Public Treasury balances of advances in the amount of CFAF 35.65 million, which amounts to saying that the total amount of these irregularities amounts to CFAF 184.06 million. . He also made irregular disbursements in favor of the Prime Minister by proceeding in 2018 to cash transfers to the Prime Minister, against discharges, for a total amount of CFAF 171 million as “Expenses and various financial support from the Prime Minister ”and“ Government financial support to certain military families ”without requiring in return the production of supporting documents.

The Auditor General also found that the special stage manager made the payment of expenses not in accordance with the procurement decisions of the authority and then after the return of the missionaries, paid invoices for the purchase of fuel and vehicle repairs on advances intended to cover allowances and other miscellaneous costs (mission expenses and expenses related to missions) for a total amount of the invoices concerned which is FCFA 18.40 million.

In addition, the report specifies that the latter did not justify a cash deficit of CFAF 1.05 million and that this is a difference between the theoretical balance of the cash order. of November 29, 2019, reconstituted from payment orders, and the physical balance. However, the said deficit was rectified by the Special Controller after receipt of the BVG’s provisional audit report by the Administrative and Financial Director.

Another crucial clarification, the special manager irregularly justified advances received in the context of expenditure before authorization. In fact, during the 2018 fiscal year, the Prime Minister benefited from cash advances that were put under state control to cover, on the one hand, the festivities of the 58th anniversary of Mali and, on the other hand, the expenditure related to the implementation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali. The said expenditure has not been justified by the required supporting documents. The total amount of irregularly justified expenditure amounts to CFAF 327.48 million.

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