Faced with Máximo Kirchner, rumors of the departure of Sergio Berni take hold

The strong wind that raged on Thursday with the act led by Governor Axel Kicillof and the official candidate Victoria Tolosa Paz in Ezeiza, did not manage to dispel the rumors that circulate insistently in Buenos Aires politics at this time. And that they have to do with the possibility that Sergio Berni will soon stop being the Minister of Security of the Province.

The three resounding crimes that were registered in the last hours in a hot suburban area that shows crime rates on the rise would not, paradoxically, be the trigger for the official’s eventual departure. This outcome would have reasons that mix management issues but, fundamentally, political bids that cross the camp of the ruling party.

Berni has had a strong confrontation with Máximo Kirchner for some time. It is a political bid that emerged back in July, when the lists of candidates of the Frente de Todos were closed. The still official wanted to present his own list of legislators for the Second electoral section, where he seeks to make a foothold. But La Cámpora ended up blocking that intention.

That climate of tension was not appeased with the inclusion of Berni’s wife, Agustina Propato, as a candidate for national deputy. The electoral defeat of the ruling party in the PASO ended up consolidating the critical position of the minister in relation not only to the political closures but also to the departure of the national government. At this time, the strong interdict that he maintained with Máximo Kirchner in the Buenos Aires bunker of the Frente de Todos on the fateful Sunday of the PASO – they say that there was an attempt at aggression that the minister denies – is very commented, as a corollary of those tensions that the minister could no longer contain.

The rearrangements in Kicillof’s cabinet after that defeat ended up consolidating an adverse political scenario for Berni. The arrival of Martín Insaurralde to the provincial cabinet chief, precisely at the hand of Máximo Kirchner, closed a circle difficult for the minister to digest.

Insaurralde, from Lomas de Zamora, has always been a very critical mayor of Berni’s management and his decision to remove room for maneuver from the mayors in the management of the Police in their districts. Now it is said that several communal chiefs are bidding to keep the Security portfolio. Even a dance of candidates crosses the official firmament. There they appear the mayor of Almirante Brown, Mariano Cascallares. But the name that makes the most noise is that of Gastón Granados, son of the mayor of Ezeiza, Alejandro Granados, a former minister of the area in the times of Daniel Scioli.

In the Interior they say that Berni is not leaving, that he is going to remain in office. But the minister, every time he can, makes a difference with the national government and the political format of the Frente de Todos, which is on the way to being monopolized by La Cámpora. Berni wants to be president and begins to feel that there is no place for him in the ruling party.

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