"Excessive tolerance towards Islamists" - ZDF hires an anti-Semitic author

Feyza-Yasmin Ayhan from Berlin is known to a wider public under her stage name Yasmin Poesy. In the past she posted a cartoon on social media showing a Jew with hooked noses. Despite this incident, she was dated ZDF engaged as a writer for the “Barrys Barbershop” format. In addition to spreading the anti-Semitic caricature, Ayhan took part in an event organized by the Hamas-affiliated “German Youth for Palestine”. This calls for the end of the State of Israel.

The Ayhab case follows on from the similar case of the journalist Nemi El-Hassan, who as a result of anti-Semitic misconduct under pressure from the public did her planned work as a moderator at WDR lost. You should be there the broadcast Quarks moderate.

El-Hassan had already distanced himself from participating in the Al-Kuds demonstration seven years ago. Nevertheless, the endorsement of problematic posts on the Internet and the public outrage ultimately led the broadcaster to decide against them. RT DE spoke to Irfan Peci, who exposed the El-Hassan case.

As a 17-year-old Irfan Peci headed the German-language propaganda program of Al-Qaeda. After his arrest at the age of 19, he received an offer to work as an undercover agent for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and to campaign against the radicalization of young Muslims. Today Peci is considered a staunch critic of Islam. He made the pictures of El-Hassan at the demonstration public.

RT DE: Mr Peci sees the repetition of the case as confirmation that the public law community has not learned anything from the El-Hassan case. He is convinced that such cases will continue to recur:

Peci: “I’m not particularly surprised because I know the structures from the inside too. And there is simply a lack of awareness. That is not the first case and it will not be the last case. I think that is exactly the case The case of Nemi El-Hassan showed that the real problem was not really understood. It was more like: ‘Yes, now we were caught doing it.’ Only when there was public pressure (…) did they try to put it into perspective at the beginning, to downplay it. “

Excessive tolerance towards Islamists

When our journalist asked whether the public service broadcaster should take a closer look at its employees before hiring them or whether this would be an inappropriate test of opinion, Peci said that it depends on what is relevant to the work:

“When it comes to extremist ideologies, whether the employee is right-wing extremist, left-wing extremist, Islamist, or whatever, then that is of course relevant. It’s also not that people don’t look at it at all. I would say that it is the smallest Signs that are not in the direction of right-wing extremism, but only in the direction of the right, you have virtually no chance of being employed there. But this excessive tolerance, this false tolerance towards Islamists ensures that you then (employ) people, even though it is There are indications that these defense mechanisms are not working.

The ZDF tries to ignore the case

RT DE: The consequences of your disclosure in the Nemi El-Hassan case was that she will no longer work for Quarks as a moderator, but only as an author. In your opinion, does that represent a satisfactory work-up?

Peci: “Yes, of course it’s not that consistent. Well, I think it’s better than nothing. It’s better than that she would have become a moderator anyway, as many have called for. There were letters of support from over 200 People, many of them celebrities, who don’t even accept the consequence that she becomes a presenter. I would say it’s a partial success. Of course, it’s not consistent. It would be consistent that she generally had nothing to say in the editorial office. But let me put it this way: Nowadays and at WDR you have to be happy that something is happening in that direction at all. “

In the case of the Feyza-Yasmin Ayhan scandal, Peci does not expect any consequences. MTV has now terminated the cooperation with the artist, but otherwise it is noticeably quiet. That ZDF want to look into the case. Everything is done to ensure that people like Peci or the media like Bild-Zeitung are unable to exert pressure and bring such cases to the public. Ayhan does not receive any attention as in the case of El-Hassan.

There is therefore a risk that she will allow her Islamist and anti-Semitic sentiments to flow into her work. The public has a right to decide what the public broadcasters present, as they are ultimately financed from the money of the fee payers, according to Peci:

“Why should an anti-Semitic or Islamist be paid with our money for it? Of course, she can say what she wants and ZDF can say what it wants. But of course her political attitude will flow into her work with the public services in some way. “

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