Essen: 50 cent deposit on pizza boxes soon also in the Ruhr area? City speaks plain language

Essen: Could a deposit system for pizza boxes prevent littering in the city center?  (Symbol image)

Essen: Could a deposit system for pizza boxes prevent littering in the city center? (Symbol image)

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In Essen the rubbish bins are literally overflowing. As in many other large cities in Germany, the garbage problem in the Essenes Inner city increased significantly over the Corona period. The reason for this is the increased use of takeaway offers, which leave pizza boxes, kebab boxes and coffee mugs in the city.

Frankfurt’s new regulatory officer, Annette Rinn (FDP), now wants to counteract the garbage problem in her city with a deposit system for pizza boxes. Would that also be a useful solution for Essen? The city of Essen has a clear opinion on this and explains what should be done in Essen to combat the garbage problem.

Essen: deposit system for pizza boxes? The city has a clear stance on this

The deposit system for plastic and glass bottles has become indispensable in Germany. But would we also pay 50 cents more for a takeaway pizza and then bring the box back later?

In any case, it would benefit the environment. But what is currently being seriously discussed in Frankfurt is viewed more critically in Essen.

“Reusable solutions would make more sense than a pure deposit system, so that no waste is generated in the first place,” Jacqueline Schröder, press officer for the city of Essen, told DERWESTEN.

In addition, pizza boxes only make up part of the urban waste caused by to-go packaging. In addition, the implementation of a pizza box deposit system is not that easy, since the Federal Packaging Act currently does not provide for such a regulation.

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“This raises the question of what legal basis a deposit system could be set up on,” said Schröder. Before the idea could be considered in Essen, the legislature would first have to act from the very top. “We as a city cannot tell the pizzerias to introduce a deposit system!”

Essen: The city is taking other measures against litter – system restaurateurs have to be prepared for that

Instead of a pizza box deposit system, the city of Essen is therefore focusing on completely different measures to combat litter in the city center.

Current considerations include using cleaning equipment more frequently and installing more rubbish bins in the city center. In this sense, we also want to work more closely with local businesses.


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The city of Essen relies on the one-way plastic ban, which will apply to all large chains of system catering across Germany from January 1st, 2023. “It can be assumed that a trend-based reusable concept is already being worked on at this point in time,” the Essen press officer assumes to DERWESTEN. (mkx)

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