Elections 2021: Show and Chicanas for the Buenos Aires debate

A new edition of the “capital debate” brought together the candidates for deputies for the City of Buenos Aires Leandro Santoro, María Eugenia Vidal, Myriam Bregman and Javier Milei on the study of the television channel TN, in a television “tradition” that has been repeated since 1996. And although the summoning slogan was “enrich the democracy debate”, television logic imposed its rhythm, its display for the show and its unwritten rules to absorb each of the themes and guide them towards slogans. There was no lack of interchange of crossed chicanes and the panelist style to the stick, of which Milei seemed to be the most adept, although pradoxically not the most effective when it comes to the balance of “winners”: who shouts the loudest, to cover that of the adversary lectern; at least with the four voices in unison.

As expected, although with the seasonings of this situation, there was a crossing of darts especially between Vidal and Santoro, and between Milei and Bregman, there were management and style accusations, there were couches and exhibitions prepared like spots, and in between , some proposals and some other topic as a novel agenda.

With a wide array of screens and cameras, with Red carpet Previous and live transmission to receive the candidates (each one was scheduled to arrive every ten minutes, to take advantage of the registration), with rules previously agreed with the campaign teams, with shifts and places drawn and also arranged according to to the results of the STEP, with a certain curiosity ready for the political entertainment, the television show hosted by journalists Edgardo Alfano and Marcelo Bonelli It was the first of two: next Wednesday it will be the turn of the residents of the province of Buenos Aires.

Crossed questions

If something managed to break what, averaged the hour of debate in the Constitution study, had already been installed as a monotony of saying, it was a new modality that was proposed for the last block. There the candidates could choose another to exchange questions And answers. The segment with the most interesting, and even revealing, moments of the debate then took place.

For having obtained the highest number of votes in the PASO, and according to the previous rules, Vidal was the first to elect “opponent”, and as expected, she pointed to Santoro. He returned to the media dart with which he chose to begin his performance, that of the tweet of the Security Minister Aníbal Fernández against the cartoonist Nik. “I want to make a first proposal: that all candidates ask him to resign. She crossed a limit that cannot be accepted “, the candidate of Together for Change had begun, in a” hard “and gimmicky way, and in parallel her advisers tweeted.

He repeated the resource in the last segment, and then Santoro took the opportunity to remind him that Mauricio Macri spied on Diego Santilli’s children and members of his own party, including Vidal herself. “The question that I sometimes ask myself is what happens to you who allowed your political boss to investigate you. That is much more screwed up than sending a wrong tweet, how can you allow it?” He asked. “As I am a plaintiff and I know the file, I know that there is no element to involve Mauricio Macri,” the ex-governor came out to defend inexorably.

The caste guy

After pronouncing the words “chaste” and “fallacy” fifty times, Milei was forced by Bregman in the following turn to speak out against abortion, even if it is “free”, as well as legal and free. And he ended up showing himself out of all prior agreement and any shared rule when, instead of directing his question to the other candidate, he raised it “to the Argentine people, because I don’t argue with the caste.” “This is not what was agreed,” the drivers warned him.

“It is striking that someone who talks about ‘the political caste’ has worked for a genocide like Bussi, has the worst of the military caste on his list, is with the Vox faces in Spain, more stale ideas are not achieved”, Bregman pointed out. It also forced him then to justify his work as an advisor to the repressor of Tucumán because “the system of democracy allowed it, and if it was wrong, it is because it failed.”


In addition to the deployment of the staging, the Lima Street studio featured segmented stands for each candidate. In the central it was indicated that those who went to accompany Santoro, Gisela Marziotta, Victoria Montenegro, Mariano Recalde, Alejandro Amor, among others.

To the fans of Vidal contributed the head of Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta -arrived about the time to start the debate- the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernan Quirós, The candidates Martín Tetaz, Paula Oliveto, Ricardo López Murphy and Sandra Pitta. Too Enrique Sacco, who accompanied the candidate at the entrance.

Next to Bregman, on the side, was seen Nicolás del Caño, Gabriel Solano, Chipi Castillo, Celeste Fierro. On the other side was the one that looked like the most colorful tribune (it added chinstraps and outfits with cobras and “libertarian” legends) accompanying Milei, among whom was seen the second on the list, Victoria Villarruel, Ramiro Marra, Karina Milei, the candidate’s sister.

Unlike previous editions of the debate, there were no “fans” or boos that sounded from the stands, beyond a few single speeches.


Santoro made a place for himself among the vertigo of the timed exposure minutes to open the agenda outside the media imposition: he named the disappeared City policeman Arshak Karhanyan (and he mentioned that the young man’s mother accompanied him in the debate), the nurses who continue to fight to be recognized as such in the City (Christian Acosta, Ramos Mejía nurse repressed in the protest in front of the Legislature then raised a handkerchief with the claim from the rostrum). He also mentioned “a teacher at a night school that the Buenos Aires government wanted to close. They promised to do 3,000 kindergartens, they did not get to do 150, it is incredible that this issue is not on the agenda,” he accused.

When talking about “institutional quality” (one of the thematic axes proposed for debate, together with “Ecomomy, education and work” and “Health policy in pandemic”), the candidate of the Frente de Todos recalled that Together for Change decided not to give a quorum to the Front Labeling Law. And that in 2017 Lousteau entered the Legislature as an opposition candidate, “saying that Larreta bought everything he could buy, it seems that the one who was bought was him, who ended up voting on all the laws.”

In the first six free minutes, Vidal took the opportunity to ask “to recover what was stolen from us in the City of Buenos Aires with the removal of coparticipation federal “(with an inclusive us from Buenos Aires); Bregman to point Santoro over the issue of Taser pistols (the candidate ratified that he justifies their use); Milei to go against any type of co-participation (” in Alberdi’s constitution no there was co-participation, “he argued), and to defend the” free carrying “of weapons, ensuring that in the United States” the issue was solved by giving each state a choice, “and proposing it as a successful model.

Presentation and closing

“We are the left that came together. We obtained more than a million votes and we are the third force in the whole country“Bregman introduced himself. Santoro chose to introduce himself as a” political science graduate, university teacher, father of Francisca and Antonia “, listing the values ​​he believes in and in which he does not believe. Vidal started with the” we are all Nik “, Milei with the political caste plus a series of hook phrases: “The Republic is bankrupt”, “the Constitution is to take care of the State”, “Congress is an oligarchy”, “we are going to a collectivist model with a Castro-Chavista end”.

Strangely Milei, the most accustomed or the one who could make the best juice out of the television mud of the cross accusation, got stuck and even in orsai at various times. For not respecting the rules, they ended up closing the microphone; she was protesting in a childish tone. With a complicated detour, he explained that he does not get vaccinated because “I do an income-risk assessment, because I can live a free life, and because not all vaccines are well proven, but I did vaccinate my parents who are at risk.” He insisted on denying global warming (“if we go back to history, the planet’s temperature is at a minimum level”). He could not explain why he would be left out of the accusation of “political caste” after Bregman defined the profile of the members of his list, and his own work as an advisor to Bussi.

The closing was with a group photo but at a distance, celebration with the advisers, and just a fist of commitment between the candidates.

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