• Serkan, despite his pride, has yielded to Eda’s pressure

  • Eda wants to try to reconcile Serkan and his friends

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Little Kiraz doesn’t give up. In the next chapter of ‘Love is in the air’, Eda and Serkan’s daughter will continue to insist. “Everybody in class has brothers but me. Can is the youngest in the class and he will surely have siblings when he grows up, “will say the girl, who has come out in the same character as her mother.

And it is that Eda is also one of those who do not give up until she gets what she wants and this time she has done it again. Despite his disagreements with Serkan, his mood swings and all the complications that arise in his day to day, the florist has managed to get her husband to give in and do what she wanted. “Is it not what I think it is? Kiraz, you have the most wonderful and kind father in the universe,” he will say to his daughter.

For his part, Aydan will continue to adapt to his new and humble life after Serkan’s sale of the shares. And it won’t be easy. Without the help of Seyfi, who has had to look for a new job, it will not be easy. Will you get used to it?

Eda’s reproaches to Serkan

After forgetting about his date with Serkan, Eda shows up in the cafeteria where he is meeting with his students, to whom the businessman lies about his involvement with Art Life. The florist will reproach him for his attitude and insists that he must return to the company. “Maybe if you went back to work without leaving this, you could give scholarships. If you really didn’t care, you would tell them that you’re not in the company and that you can’t offer them scholarships,” he tells her husband, who offended responds very harshly. “Why don’t you say what you think, that this academic work doesn’t convince you and that You miss old Serkan Bolat, the owner of Art Life. ”

Eda and Serkan

Eda wants to reconcile Serkan with Engin and Pırıl

And while, the company collapses with the departure of Serkan and Engin realizes that they need him. “If he were here, he would manage to convince the client and create a work plan and deliver the two projects,” which causes him a confrontation with Pırıl, who like his friend does not leave behind his pride. And neither will he when Eda arrives and offers her help. “We have to develop two big projects for tomorrow. If we finish one we will not do the other. If Serkan were there we would do it but he has left us so we cannot waste time talking,” he tells the florist, who despite the rudeness she tries to convince her husband to bury the hatchet and help his friends. “We both know you miss them terribly. They told me they have two projects to finish by tomorrow, aren’t you going to help them? I say at a distance, until they get used to the process, “he says.

Eda talking to Piril

Burak, tired of lying

Those who seem to be going through their first crisis are Burak and Melo. After a few days together, the young man refuses to keep their relationship a secret. “I cannot continue doing theater. We are not children,” he tells Melo, who despite doubts will end up confessing that they are together with Eda.

Eda and Serkan are waiting for you at Divinity

The love story of Eda and Serkan has entered its final stretch but there are still many things to solve. What will happen now that the businessman has left Art Life? Will you continue as a teacher? What happens to Eda in the last days? If you want to know how the story of the fashionable couple ends, you cannot miss your daily appointment. From Monday to Friday at 6:30 p.m., at Divinity.

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