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How could it be otherwise, in the debate Come in candidates a national deputies by Buenos aires city, one of the hottest topics was related to the management of the pandemic from coronavirus and the way it is they negotiated and they got from anticovid vaccines. In this sense, Myriam Bregman, Maria Eugenia Vidal, Leandro santoro and Javier Milei they crossed opinions and strong accusations.

The one who started this bloc in A Dos Voces (TN) was the leader of the Left Front, Bregman, who pointed out against her electoral opponent of Juntos por el Cambio: “I am struck by the fact that Vidal went from anti-vaccines to a lobbyist for Pfizer. They have gone from saying ‘Commander Alberto’ to that they were not going to collaborate in anything. I see a lot of political speculation ”, he evaluated.

And suddenly, it happened to the eviction of the families of Barrio 31. “But, how can it be that they have repressed the workers of the 31? They were looking for the photo of the bulldozer in elections “, Bregman reproached, and Vidal replied:” The evictions are ordered by the Justice and not decided by the Police. On Villa 31, I walked it 14 years ago, during the government of Aníbal Ibarra, supported by what today is the Frente de Todos, and this Villa 31 today is not that. In that place where the eviction took place, a school is going to be built, “he said. “It’s false, that was a garbage dump. It’s a lie ”, the candidate from Izquierda restated.

Santoro got into the discussion and attacked the management of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: “They tariffed the bicycles in a pandemic, the chinstraps were bought overweight and there is a cause that is advancing. It is crazy talking to people who at one point stated that we were living with an ‘infection’. It is difficult to build consensus with a political space with people like that ”, he considered.

Along these lines, Milei (La Libertad Avanza) was proud, considering it “the extreme, because she was not even vaccinated and she does not believe in science.” The libertarian economist was not silent and replied: “He accuses me of being a climate change denier. If one looks at the studies from 10,000 years ago until today, the temperature of the planet is at the minimum level ”.

Regarding the ‘infection’, he said that it “clearly” happened, and elaborated: “The level of cave-dwelling quarantine that this Government promoted constitutes the violation of a statute of Rome. Because it was against property, either you become a slave or you die ”, he asserted. “With regard to the vaccine, I understand that you must have a problem that you cannot lead a free life and alone, but I make a risk income because I am not a risk group,” he said to the official.

Santoro did not like that answer and accused him of “socially irresponsible”, while Bregman got in and said: “To go to Miami he gets vaccinated.” It was there that Vidal broke in and spoke of the “improvisation” that the national government developed not only “during the entire pandemic, but also when he did not know how to get out of quarantine, when he did not buy all the vaccines that were needed.”

Nor – continued the PRO leader – “when the President promised 10 million vaccines in February and you did not have them, when the second dose would be in August and if it had not been for Fernán Quirós (Buenos Aires Minister of Health) and his study, there would be no second dose ”. “The worst improvisation was that after the PASO, they spent a week discussing positions of power and returned to the worst of the past,” said Vidal.

Bregman was the first to contradict her by saying the following: “It is not improvisation. The business of the laboratories is quite conscious “. And he maintained: “Here they put some titles that do not go. The laboratory business was prioritized. The only one who denounced that the laboratories had to be declared of public utility was the Left Front; the rest are thrown that ‘ay, Macri’, that ‘ay, Cristina’ “, closed the leader of the Left.

Meanwhile, Santoro launched: “How many vaccines did the head of government bring? None. They didn’t buy vaccines, respirators. They kept saying they couldn’t and when they went out to search the world, they said no, “he concluded.

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