Constantino says Lula must have 'greatly regretted' supporting Dilma Rousseff

Commentators on the 3 in 1 program debated the discussion between President Ciro Gomes and former PT presidents on social networks

State ContentCommentator said Lula must have been relieved by his party colleague’s impeachment

The former governor of Ceará Ciro Gomes (PDT) and a former president Dilma Rousseff (PT) discussed via the internet this Wednesday afternoon, 13, after the presidential candidate stated that the former president Lula, Dilma’s predecessor and political godfather, conspired for her to be impeached, which ended up being implemented in 2016. “I acted against impeachment and the Federal Senate did the coup. Who presided over the Senate? Renan Calheiros. Who led the MDB in this onslaught? Eunício Oliveira. Who is Lula with today? Today I am sure that Lula conspired for Dilma’s impeachment, I am sure”, said Ciro in an interview to a podcast of the newspaper “O Estado de S. Paulo”. Rousseff criticized the statement on Twitter, saying that Ciro had lied. Lula, in turn, stated that Ciro acted in a “banal and rude” manner and insinuated that Covid-19 may have left sequelae in his brain. “I’m not going to talk about Ciro. What he did was so banal, it was so rude, that sometimes I wonder, as Jesus Christ on the cross said: ‘Father, forgive the ignorant, they don’t know what they’re doing,'” Lula said in an interview with Rádio Grande FM , from Mato Grosso do Sul.

During the program 3 in 1, gives Young pan, this Thursday, the 14th, the commentator Rodrigo Constantino analyzed the frictions between figures on the left, saying that he does not know if Lula conspired to impeach Dilma, but that the PT member regretted having supported the former president. “Dilma is one of the incompetent, inept and presumptuous people who have already gone through the presidency of the Republic. Lula, who repeated in the campaign ‘Dilma is Lula, Lula is Dilma’, must have bitterly regretted it after seeing all the destruction generated. But we’re not going to exonerate him, because the Guido Butter he was their minister and the macroeconomic matrix began with Lula. Dilma continued, but with even more incompetence and lack of skill and tact, she ruined everything. He saw the PT’s totalitarian project fall apart. Lula must have been very sorry. I don’t know if he even conspired for impeachment, but he must have been relieved because it was a chance for him to come back on top by dissociating himself from Dilma herself”, analyzed Constantino.

In another excerpt of the program, the commentator stated that both sides are right in their criticisms, saying that ‘in the house of the left’, there is no lack of reason, only votes for Ciro Gomes, Dilma and Lula. “In this fight, Ciro Gomes is right […] and both (Dilma and Lula) are right in putting Ciro Gomes as someone intemperate and desperate because I always get one digit in the polls. Everyone is right in this house of the left that lacks vote, honesty, principles and attachment to republican values”, said Constantino, who continued, saying that the confrontation is not a ‘scissors strategy’. “It’s funny to follow this. There are people saying that it is a scissors strategy. No, it is not. It’s not that elaborate. There is no great intelligence behind this. It’s a niche dispute, but an increasingly narrow niche because research is bogus”.

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