Corporate Social Responsibility, by definition, is the permanent commitment of a company to contribute and behave ethically economically, in the care of its workers, the local community and society.

However, for years, this concept has not been fully realized, as many companies continued to operate in isolation and focused exclusively on their financial results. On the other hand, in recent years, the different social manifestations, historical struggles for the care of the environment and the demands of the people, have challenged organizations to better fulfill this commitment.

“Today, with a socio-environmental crisis ahead, companies through their technologies, workforce and capabilities, can play a fundamental role with the help of solutions that respond to the needs of the community. However, for these to be effective, it is not enough for the organization to push them, the will of the other parties will also be paramount ”, points out Pablo Sepúlveda, director of Social Innovation at Proyecta Impacto.

Therefore, the integration of the communities into different organizations means incorporating a vision in which the business is no longer alien to society in general, which implies taking charge, as a company, of its environment and becoming one more actor to solve current problems. To do this, the first thing is to identify who are part of these communities, understand what their challenges and concerns are, and then analyze how the company can be part of the solution.

“Some more specific mechanisms are to include the communities in the decision-making processes of the company, either in directories or other instances. Complementarily, it would be advisable to include processes of disclosure of economic, social and environmental results to the community, showing transparency and reliability of the process, ”adds Sepúlveda.

Like any positive act, it brings with it different benefits, both business and social, and it is that for people the labor market expands, technological advances increase and opens the door to pertinent solutions for their problems. While, on the other hand, companies improve their economic performance, reduce production cost and develop a better reputation.

Therefore, the challenge for the new Chilean business community lies in working together with people, attending to their needs and protecting the environment, which will allow the advancement of a more sustainable economy.

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