Ceferin encourages the creation of state clubs

The purchase of the Newcastle United by the investment fund PIF, owned by the sheikh Mohammed bin Salman, it has led to the creation of a new club-state that could establish itself in the short or medium term among the dominators of the European football scene. The Financial Fair Play created by UEFA has already been inert when it comes to slowing down the progression of this type of club, among which are also the Manchester City or the PSG from Neymar, Messi and Mbappé.

Toni Roca, Director de Sports Law Institute, attended OKDIARIO to show his impressions on the current Financial Fair Play, its limits, and what a change in regulation could mean. “The clubs have seen that the rules are not fulfilling their mission. It has been seen in the PSG and the City, it is clear that they have artificially inflated sponsorships», Says the lawyer specialized in sports law, who explains UEFA’s new method that would only favor state-clubs such as Newcastle.

«UEFA was thinking of ending the current system, which is based on the fact that you cannot spend more than what you earn, because of a model in which clubs can spend and if they exceed the limit of 70% of salary, they pay a fine “, Roca says about Ceferin’s strategy, which does not It does more than favor Newcastle, Manchester City or PSG, who have the money for punishment. With this format proposed by UEFA, “you cannot spend more than 70% on salaries, but you can only spend a fine. A fine if you are a multimillionaire you do not care.

Maneuver against Madrid or Barcelona?

Ceferin has assumed that he cannot stop the state-clubs and instead has opted for the opposite path, that of favoring some entities that have become friends since their rejection of the Superliga so feared by the maximum president of the UEFA. «It is true that there are veiled suspicions that maybe the support from PSG and City is for the Super League. Nothing confirmed. I support you and you soften the rules of Financial Fair Play “, explains the sports law expert to this newspaper.

An announcement is subtracted from the new proposal for other States to invest in top-level clubs until they become world powers without economic limitations, while enemy clubs like Madrid or Barcelona fall, harmed by the norm and by their formation as entities. “If UEFA does not apply a system that limits this – financial fair play – it is dead. We are facing a possible change in the world order. The main losers are Madrid or Barça, due to their structure, because they are not SAD. The only thing is that the partners put money, “says the director of the Sports Law Institute. “If UEFA does not consider going back to the traditional system Either limits are set or Madrid and Barça are going to lose a lot of power ».

Excessive spending and purchase of another club

Newcastle’s concrete plan is to form a millionaire team thanks to the Financial Fair Play rule that Toni Roca has. «Newcastle could spend very hard and UEFA would have 3 years to comply with the rulesI’d have time to clear the bills. Tomorrow Newcastle can spend all the money that nothing will happen in the short term “, something that would increase if in that period the Fair Play rules change in that transformation into financial fines that would not affect the English club bought by Saudi Arabia.

Where they would find problems Mohammed bin Salman and his investment fund PIF would be when facing the rumored purchase of another club, which could aspire to a European competition in the medium term together with Newcastle. «You cannot own two teams participating in the same competition. UEFA already forced Red Bull to make shareholder changes so that there would not be the same owner, “argues Toni Roca, providing a solution in the event that the sheikh chooses to acquire a Serie A club, as has been published.

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