Captain Kirk Came to Space: What William Shatner Said Upon Returning to Earth

The actor William Shatner, who gave life to Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Finally came to space. Blue Origin, the company of billionaire Jeff Bezos, took a new journey that took Shatner and other personalities into space for ten minutes.

“It is unlike anything I have ever felt before”said the Star Trek actor, who also became the oldest person to visit space in his 90s. Before embarking on the journey, Shatner had stated: “I will be surprised to see space. I want to look at the globe and appreciate its beauty and toughness.”

The rest of the ship’s crew consisted of Planet co-founder Chris Boshuizen; microbiologist Glen de Vries and Blue Origin Vice President Audrey Powers

Trip departed from the launch pad located in West Texas, United States, and its objective was to cross the Karman line -which separates the Earth’s atmosphere from outer space-, travel about 100 kilometers more and allow passengers to have four minutes of weightlessness before returning to Earth.

The launch it was scheduled for this sunday, but it had to be canceled due to high winds, Blue Origin reported in a statement.

With the addition of Shatner to the crew, Jeff Bezos took a new step in the race to conquer space tourism, a competition he maintains with Virgin Galactic, by Richard Branson, and Space X, by Elon Musk, the only one of the three companies. who made space flights lasting more than a few minutes: his Inspiration4 circled the Earth for four days.

The New Shepard – like Space X’s Falcon 9 – is a reusable vertical take-off and vertical landing rocket, which reduces the cost of space travel.

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