An armed robot dog?  They put a sniper rifle on a quadruped robot

United States.- Controversy was experienced in social networks after a robotics company presented the image of a robot dog style quadruped with a sniper’s rifle on the back, which he exhibited at a conference to defense contractors in Washington, DC

The publication of Ghost Robotics was carried out on October 11, the creation is known as Quadruped Unmanned Land Vehicle, or Q-UGV for its acronym in English, for its part this company is associated with the “combat solutions company” known as S.W.O.R.D to turn the robot into a lethal weapon.

The weapon used was specifically designed with robots in mind by SWORD and is a unmanned rifle known as SPUR, which is intended to be “The future of unmanned weapons systems.”

“With chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor allows accurate shooting up to 1200 m, the SPUR can similarly use 7.62 × 51 NATO cartridges for ammunition availability”, wrote the company. “Due to its high-capacity sensors, the SPUR can operate in a large number of conditions, both day and night.”

For their part, users of social networks showed rejection of the creation of the armed robot, expressing the fear that exists among the population.

“So you’ve been smart to avoid saying the hard part out loud, let me do it for you.” wrote a user then continued “We created a heartless hardware for the brutal repression of the population when the billionaires finally fear for their profits.”

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The truth is that most users associated this type of weapon with science fiction or apocalyptic movies, and few took the risk of leaving their freedom and safety in the hands of robots.

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