A few months ago, Fabien Lecoeuvre allowed himself inappropriate comments on the singer Hoshi. He has just confided that following this, he had received numerous death threats.

These are words that shocked a lot. In April, Fabien Lecoeuvre violently attacked the physical appearance of the singer Hoshi. He said:

When you look at Hoshi who has an incredible, indisputable talent… Finally, you put a poster of Hoshi in your room, do you? But she is scary. When I say that, I have nothing against this girl who is awesome and who has talent. She’s great but she gives her songs to sublime girls.

Hoshi: This soul "left for dead" tells its cruel story
Hoshi @Alain JOCARD/AFP

“I regretted it bitterly”

This October 14, Fabien Lecoeuvre ended up expressing regrets on this case with Jordan De Luxe :

I didn’t say she was scary, I said her universe. She is scary by the universe. Sincerely, really… I already regret it. But I didn’t mean that. It was a universe that I characterized, a whole system, another system. I regretted it bitterly. You can say bullshit in life. It happens, it’s like that, we slip. The error is human. When we do four or five interviews during the day… (…) I didn’t mean to hurt her. Apparently she had already had this pain in her childhood, which I had no idea of ​​course, so it hurt me. What I regret is the lack of dialogue, sincerely. What is missing in this file is that. She would have called me, we would have had a coffee, a tea, we would have seen each other, we would have talked about it on the phone …

Fabien Lecoeuvre threatened

Fabien Lecoeuvre is therefore particularly saddened by the fact that everything has been settled in the public square.. Because anyone could get involved.

This is what happened. The columnist revealed the astronomical number of messages received on his social networks following this affair:

I received 990,000 messages on social networks. From 400,000, the police will contact you because they think there is something wrong with your account. I was told what to do, I made a deposit, I made the findings. I took 131 death threats. People wanted to slit my throat, cut my stomach open, cut off my head.

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