Vidal and compensation: a speech that contradicts the proposal of Together for Change

In another chapter of the contradictions of Together for Change, the Buenos Aires candidate Maria Eugenia Vidal He praised the severance payments that his own political force wants to eliminate, should he come to power.

The unusual event occurred during an interview in which the former Buenos Aires governor and now a candidate for Buenos Aires deputy repeatedly accused the national government of “not listening” to the demands of the population, and told a story that puts in check one of the main initiatives of the right-wing opposition.

Vidal counted Samanta’s story, a woman with whom he went to have a coffee after receiving a message on social networks.

“He wrote to me on Instagram to say ‘I worked 20 years and I used the compensation to get a beauty salon because I am a masseur, makeup artist and I know how to do nails. And 2019 came, I lost everything and I have been looking for work since that day “ and “I don’t want a plan or an early retirement. I want to work”.

That is to say, what the woman told him was that She had a formal job until she was fired during the last year of adjustments of the governments of Mauricio Macri as president and Vidal as governor, and that as a result of that he received severance pay with which he was able to restart his own business.

What is striking is that the story of Samanta questions the effects of the policies implemented during the government of Together for Change and at the same time highlights the importance of collecting severance pay, which is the right that the same political force wants to take away from the workers.

Without the percentage that corresponds to an indemnity for 20 years of work, perhaps there would be no possible undertaking. Nor with the collection of the insurance that a dismissed person would receive in case the indemnities were abolished, as proposed by the macrismo.

Macrismo’s proposal for severance pay

At the request of the head of government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the opposition presented two bills in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators that They eliminate severance pay and replace it with a contribution system that makes the worker himself the one who finances his possible dismissal.

The initiative not only contradicts what is established in the National Constitution and international agreements with constitutional status in labor matters, but also leaves the dismissed person in distress, under the pretext of protecting employers from possible labor lawsuits and compensation expenses.

The project received the rejection of unions, political forces and the government of the Frente de Todos, which Vidal questions for “not listening to the people and not doing what I did, who went to have a coffee with Samanta.”

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