Victoria Federica is emancipated and already lives with her boyfriend

The Infanta Elena has always lived very aware of his children, perhaps the most ‘rebellious’ of Juan Carlos I’s grandchildren. Victoria What Froilan have always been his center, he has lived attentive to them and has given them all the Liberty that you have considered at all times.

And for some time he has had to get used to living without the company of Victoria, the little girl, who left the maternal home last summer, as confirmed by sources close to the young woman.

Victoria Federica de Marichalar and the Infanta Elena. (Cordon Press)

The emancipation of Vic, as its friends call it, occurred at the same time as Froilán has returned to home. While at 21, the girl already flies alone, the 23-year-old boy lives again with his mother, albeit temporarily, until he moves to his new home. The removal of the first granddaughter of the Emeritus Kings has affected her mother, who has always been very close to her daughter.

Hug in the bulls

It is not strange, then, that this Hispanic Day, before entering the Las Ventas bullring, mother and daughter greeted each other with a big hug. They had not seen each other for days because since the summer Victoria he barely steps on his mother’s house. Doña Elena has always left the rope quite long for her children, although Victoria had orders to notify her mother every time she left home and every time she returned, whatever time it was.

Victoria Marichalar, the royal who wanted to be normal: “She even threw her mobile into a trash can so as not to be located”

Silvia Taulés

Every movement of the eldest granddaughter of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía is scrutinized by her family and by the press. If she goes to a party and skips the sanitary restrictions, if she wears a mask or not, if she smokes or drinks, if she dances … But she, they tell us, “is used to it and doesn’t care” and what she wants to do, like the rest of the your friends, it’s a normal life. It seems that little by little he is achieving it. With mom’s permission, yes, always attentive to what she does.

“One step”

The Victoria’s new home, According to the same sources, it would be that of his partner, DJ Jorge Bárcenas, located around the Paseo de la Castellana. “It is a great pisazo – they tell us -, he is doing super well in his work and we all think that they live together, although we cannot confirm it 100%, yes 99%”. Be that as it may, the daughter of the Infanta Elena has left the nest and has become emancipated.

Photo: Froilán and Victoria Federica.  (CP)
Truths and lies of the stories of Froilán and Victoria Federica Marichalar

Paloma Barrientos

Victoria’s rebellious nature is reflected in her attitude when she lived with her mother: sometimes I was sneaking out, without saying anything. Infanta Elena’s family home is large – almost 500 square meters – and she could do it because her mother often didn’t even know about it, according to what she herself told her friends. “It was the inmate who sometimes reported that Vic had left without warning.”

It was during adolescence that this process of independence began that caused more than a headache for her parents, especially her mother, who tries to know at all times where and with whom her daughter is, a difficult task since she turned 18 . One of the best things about reaching that age, his relatives point out, is that he was finally able to get rid of the bodyguards, policemen who served as babysitters, they controlled their schedules and they took her everywhere, that at her mother’s orders they wouldn’t allow her to go out and do the crazy thing she wanted. “Vic wanted to go by subway, like the rest of her friends, and she asked and they wouldn’t let her, she with the official car and the rest by public transport, because friends could not go up with her and with the driver, “say the same sources.

Studies and parties

Fifth in the line of succession to the throne (behind her cousins, Leonor and Sofía; her mother and her brother), Victoria de Marichalar began to study her career at the same center as Froilán, the The College for International Studies (CIS) of Velázquez street. This center costs around 20,000 euros a year and there he decided to start his career in Business Administration, the same as his brother.

Photo: Jaime de Marichalar and Victoria Federica.  (Gtres)
The video of Victoria Federica giving her all with Omar Montes on TikTok


The young woman combines her studies at this university with her intense private life. With a large and funky group of friends, and a boyfriend who has access to the best venues, we have seen Vic from party to party for years.

Victoria de Marichalar and Jorge Bárcenas. (Cordon Press)

This summer, without going any further, he has been with Jorge Bárcenas on vacation in Jávea (Alicante), where they rented a boat. And they also dropped by Marbella, where they have spent more time between nights of music and good company. In the city of Malaga, both were seen several nights at the Starlite festival, an obligatory appointment of the Costa del Sol, in which Jorge, known as Barce, also worked as a DJ.

Photo: Victoria Federica, in a bullring.  (Cordon Press)
Victoria Federica enjoys the summer at Starlite with a festive look

Alvaro Rey

Inseparable for two years, the couple does not hide and shows their love on social networks. At birthday by Victoria Federica, on September 9, the DJ dedicated a post to her: “I hope I was able to make your birthday a little more beautiful, since you make my life a much more beautiful life. Thanks for absolutely everything, I love you very much”. To which she replied: “The best partner you can have. Thank you very much for how you are. I love you madly!!!”.

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