"V for Vendetta"-Author Alan Moore in an interview with RT about death, anonymity, magic and art

13 Oct. 2021 20:08 clock

In an interview with Sophie Shevardnadze, writer and comic book author Alan Moore talks about a possible historical background to wearing masks, the fear of death, the role anonymity plays on the Internet and what connects magic and art.

British novelist and comic book writer Alan Moore prophesied many developments in modern society. His work “V for Vendetta” was an inspiration for the Anonymous movement, among others. Now the artist was a guest on the RT program SophieCo Visionaries. In an extraordinary conversation with Sophie Shevardnadze, Moore spoke about common sense, art and eternity.

The latter is the focus of his 2016 novel “Jerusalem”, on which Moore worked for ten years and which he calls his most important legacy. With this work, the writer wanted to emphasize in his own words that the world in which we live is eternal:

“It is eternal and everything in it is eternally important. Our lives are important, a broken taillight or a dog poop in the gutter are important because they are part of this eternity that we all share and in which we all have our moment. Me wanted to fight the fear of death because I believe it prevents us from living. “

According to Moore, people imagine the so-called great apocalypse with a mushroom cloud or a global environmental disaster to distract from their own mortality. In the writer’s opinion, however, these scenarios do not mean the end of the spirit:

“Death is a perspective illusion of the third dimension.”

In relation to a society that wears masks, the artist expressed the idea that the practice of hiding behind a mask goes back to the Ku Klux Klan. Putting on a mask should prevent man’s actions from falling back on him. The anonymity on the net poses a threat to society:

“Internet anonymity allows trolls and worse to invade our lives.”

According to Moore, the Internet has made it possible for the corrupt members of society to expand their influence across the entire structure.

When asked what magic actually means for the author, in whose works mysticism occupies an important place, he explained that magic is above all the human mind and the unconscious. Magic and art are similar in that both mean that one takes something that does not exist and expresses this. The author defines creation as follows:

“You bring something into reality that would not otherwise have existed.”

Primeval shamans dressed in animal skins, who danced around fire and perceived their unconscious as the magic of the gods, are therefore the origin of everything in the modern world, including all arts and sciences. “With the exception of sports,” Moore joked, however. The sport probably goes back to hunters who want to prove themselves.

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