# TucumánDebate focused on judicial reform, work and poverty

The judicial reform and the need to create jobs occupied the second segment of # TucumánDebate in Panorama Tucumano, where the second-term candidates for national deputy presented their ideas Agustin Fernandez (Front of All), Paula Omodeo (Together for Change), Juan Paz (FIT), Guillermo Correa (Broad Front) and Gerardo Huesen (FR).

– Do you support the judicial reform promoted by the national ruling party?

Huesen: no, from FR we will not support any judicial reform that guarantees impunity for officials on duty.

Fernández: we agree with the judicial reform for the purposes it promotes, there is a crisis in the nation’s Judicial Power and we must improve the functioning of the federal courts, guarantee the independence of the judges and bring speedy justice to the citizen; victims need reparation and justice.

Correa: it is not about being for or against, we refuse to position ourselves in the crack. The PE has an impact on the PJ, let’s not deny it. The PJ is in crisis and all its functioning and credibility before the citizen is bad, so I am not afraid of the reform.

Omodeo: it is nothing more than a blatant search for impunity by the national government, the project is delayed, it is only an increase in organizations to dilute the power of independent judges and control friendly judges.

Peace: it is a political thread between the opposition and the ruling party, everyone wants to have their judges, but no one talks about questioning the privileges of this caste that is corrupt and does not even pay income tax. Judges must be elected by popular vote and trials must be by jury.

– Do you consider a labor reform necessary and what would you focus on?

Fernández: first I want to express my solidarity with those who lost their jobs and are looking for work. Legislation must be made to contemplate new forms of work. Compensation is an acquired right that we must protect.

Correa: we want to focus on the labor part, it is necessary to increase the number of blank employees, this is done with greater investment and working with the entrepreneur.

Omodeo: The current labor system is archaic and hurts everyone: the employee, the employer and those who are looking for work. Under these conditions, no one dares to hire, formal employment has been stagnant in Argentina for 10 years. The workers are unprotected.

Peace: in Tucumán half of the workers are in precarious conditions and we have the highest unemployment rates in the last 17 years in the province.

Huesen: we are in favor of the labor reform, but not affecting workers, FR proposes to generate a fund for dismissal situations without generating expenses to the employer, and to reduce the amount of social charges that the employer faces. In addition, that the funds of the Anses stop being used for partisan political ends.

– What would you promote as a measure to combat poverty?

Correa: it is essential to generate sources of work. You have to work in education, in the establishment of new companies and try to get taxes like VAT.

Omodeo: poverty is not fought with patches, with subsidies, no government measure has worked and the numbers show it. The only way is with work, with growth, allowing small and large companies to consolidate, with clear rules and without suffocating them.

Peace: the pandemic evidenced social inequality. Urgent measures must be taken, starting with not paying the foreign debt, taxes on large fortunes, ending job insecurity and making the nation’s economic resources available to the needs of the population.

Huesen: poverty is not only economic, it is also cultural and educational, it is making people believe that they can survive with a social plan. I fight against poverty by creating opportunities, we have devised trade workshops, community gardens, training centers.

Fernández: Poverty is not solved with a nice slogan, only with work and education.

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