“Halloween Kills” theatrical release
This is where the Michael Myers series of murders left us

Michael Myers cannot stop a conflagration either.

Michael Myers cannot stop a conflagration either.

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One year late, Michael Myers will go hunting again on October 21. Where does he continue his series of murders in “Halloween Kills”?

One of the most famous serial killers in film history also had to adhere to the corona measures last year. And so the comeback of “Halloween” killer Michael Myers (Nick Castle, 74) fell into the water like almost every other cinema release in 2020. Of course, there is only one month a year in which “Halloween Kills” (from October 21st) are allowed to hit the cinemas. So the wait for Laurie Strodes (Jamie Lee Curtis, 62) to fight for survival was even longer. If you can’t remember exactly where Myers’ series of murders left us in 2018, you will get the answers here shortly before the cinema release.

A brief classification

There are actually tons of “Halloween” films. The good ones, however, cannot be counted on one hand, but on a finger. That was also the opinion of the makers of the 2018 reboot. The film by David Gordon Green (46) consequently ignored all sequels to the original from 1978 and started exactly 40 years later.

That was how long the mask killer sat in a psychiatric institution before he managed to escape in “Halloween” from 2018. But instead of leaving for Mexico, Michael had only one goal: back to his hometown of Haddonfield, where a mentally unstable, former babysitter has been preparing for his return for 40 years.

Michael is dead … right?

It will take three generations of strong Strode women at the end of the 2018 reboot to defeat Michael Myers. With the help of her daughter Karen (Judy Greer, 46) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), Laurie lures her nemesis into a basement and unceremoniously sets fire to the entire house to kill Michael. “Halloween” ended with this supposed happy ending – and this is exactly where “Halloween Kills” comes in.

As the trailers for the latest part show, there is no new time jump, on the contrary. It follows on from what happened in its predecessor and shows how the fire brigade rushes to the burning house. Laurie’s desperate screams don’t help either: “Let it burn!” A terrible mistake that not only the firefighters pay with their lives …

Lots of comebacks from the 70s

In “Halloween Kills” there is a reunion with numerous characters from the original. Several of the children that Laurie took care of as a babysitter in 1978 are now involved as adults. For example Anthony Michael Hall (53) as Tommy Doyle or Kyle Richards (52) as Lindsey Wallace. Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Charles Cyphers, 82), who lost a daughter in Myers’ rampage in the 70s, also returns in “Halloween Kills”. Will your concentrated nostalgia power be enough to stop the diabolical killer? It can be doubted, after all, the trilogy called “Halloween Ends” is still to be launched in October 2022.


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