Some Spanish fishermen caught near Ceuta, on the African shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, a huge specimen moonfish dark whose dimensions surprised biologists and fishermen. This species is the heaviest bony fish in the world and very few were recorded in Spain in the last decade.

The pez was caught in fishing nets. Before releasing him, they measured, weighed, and extracted samples of his DNA. It turned out to be almost three meters from mouth to tail and 3.20 wide. When they tried to weigh it, the scale did not hold because it resists up to 1,000 kilos.

“It was very exceptional because it would be around two tons. A specimen caught in Japan that measured 2.7 meters weighed 2.3 tons. It is a difficult species to study, ”Enrique Ostalé, coordinator of the Estrecho Marine Biological Station of the University of Seville, told the Spanish newspaper El País.

The coast of Ceuta, a maritime paradise

It happened on October 4, just 500 meters from the Ceutí coast, a paradise to see species such as loggerhead and green turtles, whales or dolphins.

A diver dived and, seeing the sunfish, alerted six biologists to the finding, who came to the call to analyze the animal.

Two years ago we saw one over 500 kilos, but this one was incredible“Said the diver. The nets usually capture many specimens of sunfish, which are released immediately along with other species, and last year they raised 572 specimens in a single day but none so imposing.


This species has the body flattened laterally and when it extends its dorsal and ventral fins, it is as long as it is tall.

It feeds mainly on various types of zooplankton gelatinous like jellyfish, of which it consumes large amounts to be able to develop and maintain its large size, since it is a diet poor in nutrients.

Females of this species can produce up to 300 million eggsMore than any other known vertebrate, sunfish fry resemble small puffer fish with large pectoral fins, a tail fin, and body spines that adult specimens do not have.

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