"Summer house of the stars": Mola embarrasses his girlfriend and is punished

“Summer house of the stars”
Mola embarrasses his girlfriend and is punished

Mola shows more and more a different face.

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Not only the relationship between Mike and Michelle turns out to be problematic. Mola, too, is increasingly showing a toxic face.

“Yesterday is yesterday, today is today”. In the last episode, Mike Cees-Monballijn (34) found out that he and his wife Michelle Monballijn (42) were on the hit list for the next round of nominations. And almost freaked out. The strictly religious Adelina saw in him the “devil”.

But now Mike and Michelle withdraw completely. Your, or rather his tactic remains: Secure yourself through the games instead of making yourself popular with the roommates. So the two are isolated around the campfire, while the others worry about their problematic relationship, which Mola Adebisi (48) calls toxic.

“Toxic”: How was that with the glass house, Mola?

But, dear Mola, how was that with the glass house? The presenter also shows toxic traits in the relationship with his Adelina. He repeatedly treats the theology student like a small child (“Püppi”), complains about her (“you have two left feet”), and gives her fatherly advice before the games. In front of the embarrassed faces of the whole team, he criticized the smoker’s allegedly poor oral hygiene. Mola doesn’t lay clothes out of his partner like Mike, but he joins the toxic squad around Mike and Stephan “Steff” Jerkel (53). The latter has now been refined. He recognizes his young self in Mike, which he doesn’t like.

The strategy of the problem couple does not work at first. In the first game, Michelle and Mike do worst. Candidates have to memorize a text and recite it in pairs, line by line. To make things difficult, they have a kind of lock in their mouths. But the best thing is not the actors and presenters in the summer house, but model Benjamin Ryan Melzer (34) and entrepreneur Elisabeth “Sissi” Hofbauer (24). They are just as confident as Almklausi (52) and Maritta (35) and Lars Steinhöfel (35) and Dominik Schmitt (31), who won the games yesterday.

The karma strikes back against Mola

Mike and Michelle also fail in the second challenge of the day. The couples have to solve math problems and convert the calculated number into a letter. Then they have to slide over a long, soaped mat and find the right letter from a ball pit. Jana Pallaske (42) and Sascha Girndt (44) are the first to put together the correct solution word from the letters.

In the mood picture in the last episode, Mike and Michelle drew half of the votes. This time it’s 90 percent. Only the boo couple is right for Mola and Adelina. Since Mola injured his foot, he seems to be the easiest opponent in the exit challenge. Unfair, of course. But Mola got injured when he made fun of his girlfriend’s running style. Karma, the Eso couple Jana and Sascha would say.


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