Quinten Hermans demonstrates in American mud battle

Quinten Hermans (Tormans) has won a World Cup cross for the first time in his career. In the tough circuit of Fayetteville, where the World Cup will also be held in a few months, he drove away before halfway. Eli Iserbyt retains the World Cup lead with a second-place finish.

The trail in Fayetteville was a playground for powerful mud devils because of the rain. A description that fits Toon Aerts and the rider of the Telenet-Baloise Lions also started very well. He was accompanied by a strong Quinten Hermans and teammates Iserbyt and Vanthourenhout.

At the start of round 3 Hermans once started to shake the tree and his three companions promptly fell out. He didn’t look back and accumulated more seconds lap after lap. After a round of fighting, the pursuers knew what time it was. Hermans rode solo to his biggest victory in the field to date, his first World Cup cross.

In the battle for the podium places, there was bad news for Vanthourenhout in the penultimate lap. A synthetic net from the ground turned in his gear. The podium seemed gone, but he didn’t give in. With a new bike and a final effort he managed to get a tired Aerts down.

A completely Belgian stage again, just like in Waterloo.

Hermans: “I had peaked at this”

  • Quinten Hermans (1st): “I didn’t feel great in the past few days after my fall, but this morning on the rollers it went better. Nobody took the initiative so I continued in the third round and that was enough. This is my first World Cup victory, that feels very good. It feels great. I had peaked at this and it worked out well.”
  • Eli Iserbyt (2e): “I am satisfied. It took some searching in the beginning. It was just a bit too muddy for me. I lowered the pressure in my tires. Vanthourenhout and I had a good chase, but Quinten was a step too strong today .”
  • Michael Vanthourenhout (3rd): “A piece of rope got into my bike and I immediately felt that it was not right. I quickly decided to walk to the post. I felt that Toon and Quinten were better uphill. The strongest won and I am happy with my podium spot.”
  1. 9:55 p.m. Welcome to the top! Michel Wuyts.
  2. 21 hours 55 match finished
  3. 9:53 PM. The course is wide and selective enough for a World Cup. But in freezing weather you write a different story. Michel Wuyts.
  4. 9:52 pm Iserbyt leaves his teammate behind. The stage is set here. .
  5. 9 pm 51. The battle for second place between Iserbyt and Vanthourenhout is exciting. The teammates are equally competitive. .
  6. 9:50 pm Quinten Hermans is on his way to his biggest win in the field. The crowd cheers him on again. .
  7. 9 p.m. 47. Last round! The men will be home early today. Hermans is already diving into the last round. The cross will clock in around 55 minutes. That doesn’t belong in a World Cup. .
  8. 21 hours 47. Toon Aerts now has to let the wheel of Eli Iserbyt shoot. He is even hot on his heels again by Vanthourenhout. .
  9. 21 hours 45. I have not yet seen Hermans do this on such a surface. . Michel Wuyts.
  10. 9 pm 43. Iserbyt has to unload at Toon Aerts on the steep slope in the course. But the battle for second place remains exciting. .
  11. 9 pm 41. The bad luck eventually cost Vanthourenhout about 10 seconds. He still has margin behind him. The number 5 in the race follows one minute and is called Ronhaar. .
  12. Vanthourenhout on foot. Michael Vanthourenhout has to continue on foot. His bike refuses to serve and so he probably loses a podium spot. Bad news for his place in the WB standings too. . 9 p.m. 39.
  13. 9 pm 38. Hermans chooses a clean bicycle. There is no decay on the leader. He clears out some of the traffic behind. .
  14. 9:35 PM. There are some bushes of people along the trail on a Wednesday afternoon in the rain. But it is not yet a great success. Maybe it will be at the World Cup. .
  15. 9 p.m. 34. The lone leader plods on in the rain. Behind him the big hole.  .
  16. 9:30 p.m. Half a minute. That’s what the chrono now indicates. Quinten Hermans is loose. .
  17. 9 p.m. 29. There is nothing to indicate that Hermans is going to decline. Michel Wuyts.
  18. 9 p.m. 28. The chasing trio doesn’t want to give up without a fight. Aerts and Iserbyt push again.  .
  19. 21 hours 24. 20″. Hermans has 20 seconds in his back pocket. A demonstration by the leader of the Wellens team. .
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