Elecciones legislativas 2021

Leandro Santoro, Myriam Bregman, Javier Milei and María Eugenia Vidal, the four candidates for national deputies porteños who will participate in the general legislative elections On November 14, they starred in a spicy debate on television tonight. In this framework, they starred in a strong crossover when referring to the topics of “institutional quality, security and justice”.

It was in A Dos Voces (TN), where Vidal (Together for Change), began by proposing the removal of federal co-participation from the City of Buenos Aires. “It is one of the jurisdictions that contributes the most to federal resources and from those that receives the least and unfairly, in the midst of the pandemic, they took $ 76 million from us, with which the security of the City was banking,” said the opposition, and appealed: “It is important that we all say that we are going to vote a law to recover those resources.”

Santoro, from the Frente de Todos, agreed that “it is a super interesting discussion” and assured that “it is moving forward.” But he retorted: “We all know that Mauricio Macri is quick to make numbers, let’s look at what happened with the Argentine Mail and how it was favored. What is under discussion is whether what corresponded to the City happened to him or a little more to help (Horacio Rodríguez) Larreta, as he had done with the transfer of national lands and with the Lottery ”.

And he added: “I think there is a proposal that we could agree on, which is the need to reinforce a national disarmament plan because we believe that the majority of us agree that bearing arms freely is crazy.” “However, Patricia Bullrich, from the political space of Vidal and Milei himself, maintains that whoever wants to be armed can do so without any type of regulation. It would be good to know what the rest of the candidates think ”, he pointed out.

Before the proposal of the fretetodista, Bregman broke in and interposed: “It seems to me that the TASER pistols, no. (Sergio) Berni advised you, I would not have him advise me if I wanted to talk seriously about this issue ”. To which Santoro asks: “But are you going to compare a TASER with a 9-millimeter one?”

Bregman redoubled the bet and stated: “I say that you voted to transfer the police to Larreta and now, on top of that, you want to give him a torture weapon. Don’t give me a choice between Guatemala and Guatepeor. It is a police that persecutes the street vendors, the Senegalese ”. “I agree with that. But what do you think of the issue of carrying? ”Santoro said, but the Left Front candidate replied with the following:“ One more thing: legalization of marijuana, enough prisoners to grow ”.

In this context, the leader of La Libertad Avanza, Milei, said that “the sharing system is very interesting” and “is an idea of ​​social justice that is unfair.” And he said: “The City is the most rudely harmed and Kirchnerism the only thing it did to get the money from the City, further exacerbated the injustice towards the porteños. Increase the punishment to finance the (Gildo) Insfrán, all the fiefdoms ”.

On the free carrying of arms, he stated: “In the United States this was studied and there are places with free carrying and places without. In those places with free portability, crime is lower because it increases the expected cost to the offender and causes profits to fall. Hence, crime too. That is, if Santoro is struggling with the numbers, his problem ”, chicaneó the libertarian.

After several minutes, Vidal complained: “None of the three said that they were going to vote in favor of the recovery of the coparticipation of Buenos Aires”, to which Milei said: “I just said it. I am going to go directly against the system and co-participation must be eliminated because it is absolutely unfair ”. And the PRO leader warned him: “For that you will need a constitutional reform and I would not recommend that with Kirchnerism in power.”

Meanwhile, Santoro said: “We are mixing pears with apples. One thing is the co-participation law, which requires the agreement of the 24 governors, which Milei does not know, and another thing is the co-participation of the City. The latter is on track ”. In unison, Vidal and Milei said “no”, and the second one launched: “The problem is that nobody wants to end this scam from the rest of the country towards the City of Buenos Aires. He is lying and that is why I have to clarify the points for him ”.

“Put chains on me”

In the final six-minute stretch, the candidates’ tone rose and Santoro objected: “Mixing to confuse is about fooling people. A discussion is the TASER pistols, a tool for the Police… ”, but Bregman interposed:“ A tool of torture ”. The anti-establishment front resumed: “… and another is the possibility that people have a gun in their home to provoke massacres like those that occur in the United States.”

“How nice, Santoro … First the data, Santoro … Go and read the books”, shot Milei. And the leader of the Left reacted: “Milei is used to women not talking and he only yells at them”, to which Milei warned her: “That is a fallacy and if you want to tell me something, say it Myriam, because you can also constitute a crime”.

After that, Bregman told him: “Don’t threaten me… It’s impossible with this man. He is violent. It seems very difficult to me to continue like this with this man, who began here by being educated, but in the acts he tells us shitty left-handers, he meets with a lot of defenders of the genocidal and as soon as the debate begins, he begins with the same attack . The same thing they told us during the dictatorship ”.

“Myriam is right. It is absolutely impossible to argue like that ”, agreed Santoro, and Milei ironically:“ Put chains on me that way Santoro is more comfortable ”. “As an artist you are, you don’t know the rules,” Santoro said.

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