Podemita's film Open Arms is shipwrecked at the box office: with a grant of one million it raises € 153,000

Mediterranean, the film co-produced by TVE and TV3, tells the story of Oscar Camps, the founder of the NGO Open Arms who has been accused of favoring the illegal trafficking of people in the same sea that gives the film its name. The production narrates Camps’ first trip to the waters of Greece, which inspired him to found that organization. The film received the highest grant of all those granted by the Ministry of Culture, of one million euros, but despite the entire promotional campaign it has only raised 153,204 euros.

The production, starring the actors Dani Rovira and Eduard Fernández (playing Camps), had a budget of about 5 million euros. Of these, one million euros were awarded -to a lost fund- by ​​the Government of Pedro Sanchez in the call for grants to Spanish cinema for the year 2019.

Specifically, Arcadia Motion Pictures, the main production company, received 700,000 euros, while the other 300,000 euros were distributed by other companies that participated in the production.

The subsidies of one million euros represent the largest amount of those granted by the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), the agency of the Ministry of Culture that manages these grants. There are no superior aids. That year they were awarded to Spanish cinema 35 million euros total.

As stated in the documentation of that grant, to give the million euros to Mediterranean the “Cultural character of the project” (valued with 3 points out of a total of 3), the solvency of the production company requesting the aid (15 points out of 16), the “Socio-economic impact” of this public investment for Spain (32 points out of 37), the trajectory of the project manager (0 points out of 3) and «Economic viability and financial of the project. In this last aspect, which is valued up to 41 points, the film obtained 40. In other words, Culture highly valued the economic viability of the film.

Has raised 153,000 euros

Despite the fact that the Government fully trusted in this economic viability, giving it practically the highest mark and opening the door to that juicy subsidy, the reality is that the film has hit the box office.

According to the records of the ICAA and the Ministry of Culture, the film has so far obtained 153.204 euros since October 1, the date of its premiere. In total, 21,962 people have seen it. It should be remembered that the movies are played on that first weekend, which is usually the one that marks whether it is a successful or economically deficient product. In the case of Mediterranean, in those first crucial days he has only recovered a 15% of the grant public received. And it must be taken into account that of those little more than 150,000 euros, approximately half is left in the exhibition halls.

Industry sources also assure that the industry has treated Mediterranean under the category of great premiere, since it was exhibited in 275 theaters. A number of copies distributed, they say, is similar to that of Pedro Almodovar’s films. A fact that shows the enormous effort of placing the film in Spanish cinemas, which has been accompanied by a great media promotion.

Camps loses his mind

The premiere of the film, including a bump, has coincided with the defeat in court of Oscar Camps in his lawsuit against OKDIARIO. He accused this newspaper of “illegitimate interference with the right to honor” for an article signed by Cristina Seguí titled Humanitarian frivolity for dummies.

The judge of the Mataró Court of First Instance, Laura Ledesma, has dismissed Camps’s claim and acquitted OKDIARIO and his former collaborator. The only coastlines that the Open Arms they are what you will have to pay out of pocket as a sentence.

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