"Play fathers and seas": a teacher explodes due to the consequences of 'The Squid Game'

The new Netflix series The Squid Game It has generated controversy in social networks. The viral phenomenon that landed in Spain in mid-September was widely received by the public, although it has also sparked debates about the product and the type of viewers it is intended for.

The Twitter user @Piruletadementa, a teacher of elementary school children, assures in networks that the new Netflix title has generated worrying attitudes among students. The teacher tells how she and her classmates noticed that children under the age of ten from her center practiced the games that appeared in the series with the same consequences. “A game with a little song included and simulated shots at the participants, falling to the ground pretending to be dead. As in the series,” says the teacher on Twitter.

The teachers, after the images seen, asked among the students to find out how many they had seen The Squid Game. The answer, says the user, left them surprised: more than half of the children had seen it. The teacher relates that half of them had also seen her with their parents.

“What the hell does an 8 or 9-year-old boy do with a mobile with internet to be able to see what he wants at the time he wants (someone saw it at dawn)? Since when is it normal for a mobile Is it a communion or birthday gift at that age? “, reflects the teacher through networks.

For the teacher it is inexplicable that younger children can see this type of series. The platform, however, makes it clear at the beginning of each chapter that The Squid Game It is not suitable for children under 16 years as it includes, among other things, violence. “What values ​​are teachers working on every day so that later from their homes they see normal for children so young to see such brutal scenes of violence? They take away our desire for everything,” says the teacher.

The teacher’s criticism also includes the attitude of many parents who, she says on Twitter, increasingly give their children electronic devices: “A society in which many parents give their child a mobile phone or tablet so that it does not bother And be quiet. Every time before. And education and give it to them at school, that’s what teachers are for. ”

The final touch with which the teacher ends her thread on Twitter is specifically directed at parents, who she encourages to fulfill their duties as parents. “And no, they don’t pay us to put up with so much stupidity and irresponsibility. Be the fathers and mothers. Do your part. That this is going to hell,” says the teacher as a term for her reflection.

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