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Now that Mehmet Emir will investigate on his own the disappearance of Yusuf, Nuran and Efsun They fear that in the neighborhood I can get some information from Sakine. Efsun is clear: “It’s all your fault. Go make up with Sakine. Be her friend again. You have to deceive him and get everything he knows out of him, so we can anticipate events “. In addition, in the next chapter of ‘He stole my life’ we will witness new intrigues by Hülya and Ilyas could put his family in trouble again.

After the false news published in the press, Mehmet Emir and Efsun call a press conference to make it clear that she is the true daughter of the businessman. Meanwhile, Ateş continues to plan his revenge and is forced to hide when Bahar catches him talking to a man on the sly. Although it manages that she does not suspect anything.

However, Mehmet Emir’s right hand is again seen in a bind when Enters his boss’s office to retrieve the 1992 files corresponding to the year of the death of their parents. The young woman catches him again and has to get out of the way by saying that she is preparing a surprise for Mr. Atahan. She promises to keep him a secret.

Bahar catches Ateş on Mehmet Emir’s computer

Yusuf’s disappearance continues to be investigated. This time, the police arrive at night at the mansion to take Mehmet Emir to testify, but finally the businessman manages not to be arrested from the farm and go to testify the next morning. Of course, this event has changed something: Now he will be the one to investigate Yusuf’s disappearance. He even goes so far as to discuss with his wife the possibility that he is dead.

Bahar’s sister only thinks of her own interests. He has convinced Alp that the best way for them to be together is if he marries Bahar. In this way he kills two birds with one stone. Alp falls squarely in the trap, but there is a slight problem: Bahar only sees the young man as a friend. Even a bouquet of roses with a romantic note won’t change your mind. Although they have achieved something, Ateş is jealous when he sees the flowers on Bahar’s table.

When it seemed that Bahar was going to discover his true identity, everything has been complicated. Ilyas continues to feel guilty, but Nuran has managed to keep her husband from speaking. At the moment the young woman continues to live in a lie, will she find out that she is really one of the Atahan family? What will Ateş’s reaction be upon finding out? If you want to know how the story continues, you cannot miss the next chapters of ‘He stole my life’. Monday through Friday at 9:45 p.m. at Divinity.

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