Murcia denounces that the Budgets "they do not allocate a euro to the Mar Menor, which is the absolute priority"

The General State Budgets for 2022 have a double face for the Region of Murcia. In face ‘A’, the good thing is that the Government will allocate 723 million euros in real investments for the Murcian community, which represents an increase of 15.6% compared to state investment this year, but face ‘B ‘It is taken away by the environmental crisis of the lagoon, as denounced the Minister of the Presidency, Marcos Ortuño: “The budgets do not allocate a single nominative item for the Mar Menor”.

The Government of Murcia is considering calling a press conference to make its “discomfort” with Moncloa public and notorious. “We are going to shout to the sky at the institutional level, to express our perplexity and capital anger because the most serious issue and the absolute priority for this region is to recover the Mar Menor “, reflects Marcos Ortuño, whose department of the Presidency is the cornerstone of the political strategy followed by the regional Executive.

It seems very serious to me that the Government, having powers in the matter, does not include any item nominative in the General State Budgets and we will let him know by letter to the president, Pedro Sánchez, “according to Ortuño, at the time, one of the most important men in the Executive of Fernando López Miras.

“They have not put in a euro even for the green belts that he said he was going to do the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, when she visited the Mar Menor in August “. During that visit, positions were approached between Minister Ribera and President López Miras, but the Palacio de San Esteban and Moncloa once again take their chocolate back, not because of this issue of budgets, but because in Madrid they do not respond to the latest requests made. from Murcia to intervene in the lagoon.

There is no response to the request to cede the execution of the north collector to the Government of Murcia, with the aim of stopping the daily discharges of 5,000 kilos of nitrates from the Rambla del Albujón to the Mar Menor. There is also no response to hold the bilateral table between the Murcian President, Fernando López Miras, and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, where to address the crisis in the lagoon, among other issues.

“We have asked the Government of Spain to act and An Administration must act through its budgetary items, that is fundamental, I am struck by the fact that in the budgets where the spirit of what you want to do is collected, there is no specific item for the Mar Menor, despite the mobilization that took place in last week’s demonstration and with all that it has happened in the Mar Menor “, emphasizes the counselor in conversation with EL ESPAÑOL.

State of turbidity that the water of the Mar Menor presented this Wednesday.

Pact for the Mar Menor

The Collateral victim of this lack of political harmony is the ecosystem of the emblematic Murcian lagoon, turned into a ‘green soup’ where chlorophyll and microalgae continue to gain ground. In fact, Pacto por el Mar Menor has provided EL ESPAÑOL with a photo of the state of the water, which was taken this Wednesday, and where the turbidity is so high that the bottom is barely visible in points of the coast where there are only fifty centimeters of depth.

Amendment to Congress

Fifty days after the visit of Minister Teresa Ribera, the Government does not intervene within the scope of its powers, it does not allow us to act on anything that we have asked from the Autonomous Community, nor does it budget: this is tremendous, “insists the Minister of the Presidency, Marcos Ortuño, while indicating that the Murcian Government will lead an offensive in the Regional Assembly The objective: to urge that the PGE allocate funds to some action in 2022 in the Mar Menor.

Too The Popular Party will present amendments in the Congress of Deputies so that the PSOE-Podemos coalition Government moves tab. “The General State Budgets are still a forecast, but with the one that is falling in the Mar Menor they have not bothered to include any nominative item to finance any action: if the word Mar Menor does not appear anywhere I do not understand, they do not allocate a euro and it is the absolute priority “.

Pig farms

So far the only one that has assessed the impact of the budgets for Murcia in the PSOE, has been lto national deputy Marisol Sánchez: “I ask the regional government to reach out and support the budgets for 2022, which will be the most social in the history of democracy. “Sánchez recalled that” now a negotiation period opens with all the parliamentary groups and the socialist government has the will to open the spectrum of negotiation to all “.

From the PSOE of the Region of Murcia they have reproached the PP -via Twitter- that “allowed the expansion of pig farms knowing that it would harm the Mar Menor; gthey work for a few and prey on the environment to satisfy the interests of the clientelistic networks that keep them in power. “

In this same line, Deputy Marisol Sánchez has demanded that the popular people “stop confronting the Government of Spain“. In the opinion of the socialist parliamentarian:” The attitude of the PP does not do the country any good and we are not going to tolerate it because it generates uncertainty, puts obstacles to a special situation and does not make sense of the State. It is a kamikaze attitude towards a PSOE that wants unity, dialogue and understanding. “

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