• Fatih’s mother and ex will set a trap for Fadik

  • Fatih manages to get closer to his father-in-law and strengthen ties

  • From Monday to Friday at 5:15 p.m., ‘Love at second sight’

Everything is ready. Mukaddes and Irem already have all the information they needed on Fadik. Zeynep’s friend is in his hands and could ruin the couple’s plan. In the next chapter of ‘Love at second sight’, The two villains in this love story will launch their plan after finding the girl’s weak point: a seer in which you trust blindly.

With your perfectly planned strategy, they will contact the tarot reader to whom they will pay an interesting amount of money to work for them. “If you do not get the information we want you will not be able to cash this check. That girl is a follower of yours and cannot make any plans without reading your forecast,” she will tell the seer about Fadik, who goes crazy when receiving a message from the seer. Will you fall into the trap?

The arrival of Fadik

Fadik has jeopardized Fatih and Zeynep’s crazy plan and will put them in a very delicate position. She knew the man her friend left everything for. And he is certainly not the firstborn of the Şekercizade!

Fadik and Mrs. Mukaddes

Their indiscretion will force the couple to improvise to avoid being discovered and to reveal their plan. AND It won’t take long for Fadik to realize that there is more than just an agreement between them. “It should be real,” he says just before asking her to introduce her to friends from high society before putting an end to their relationship.

Zeynep tells her friend the truth

Fatih and Sevket strengthen ties

And oblivious to his mother’s plans, Fatih is winning over his father-in-law, whom he surprises with his good work as a cabin boy, his disposition and his good harmony with the rest of the sailors, with whom he even dances while they are out. board. Surprisingly, Fatih has conquered ‘Profundo Sevket’.

The family business, in the spotlight

But his complicated relationship with Zeynep and all that it is causing will not be the only problem that Fatih has to face, who will have to go urgently to the family business because they are doing an inspection. “They think we are evading taxes and are taking an inventory,” says one of his workers, who warns him that someone within the company is against them. “Whoever planned this sent them too soon. If they had put us later, they could have put a fine. That merchandise is not on this week’s list. Whoever is doing it is working within the company.” Who is the traitor?

Fatih, after the inspection at the company

Do not miss your appointment with Zeynep and Fatih

When they landed in Turkey and hatched a plan to be able to confront their families, they did not imagine that it would go that far. Now Fatih and Zeynep are married, living together, and caught in a growing lie. Can they escape and tell the truth to their own? Will they end up falling in love and forming a real family? If you want to find out, you cannot miss your daily appointment with ‘Love at second sight’. Monday to Friday at 5:15 pm, at Divinity.

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