Mercedes-Benz begins series production of its eActros electric truck in Germany

Mercedes-Benz’s first 100% electric eActros truck has already left the production line at the Future Truck Center at the Wörth plant. This factory, which is the largest in terms of truck assembly which owns the signature of the star, was founded in Wörth am Rhein in 1963 and is in charge of manufacturing the Mercedes-Benz Arocs or the Atego, as well as the special Econic, Unimog and Zetros trucks. In fact, up to 470 people can leave the plant each day vehicles customized according to the requirements of the different clients, thanks to the fact that around 10,000 employees work there.

Although for the moment it will be manufactured in parallel with other trucks with combustion engines, this represents the beginning of a new electric steering.

But to build the eActros electric truck, the company has had to make a great effort, starting at the heart of it all: the Future Truck Center, which officially started operations with this first eActros model. Later on, the electrification of future Mercedes-Benz CO₂-neutral trucks will also take place here. For instance, the eEconic, developed for municipal use, is scheduled to start manufacturing at this plant during the second half of 2022, as well as the eActros LongHaul, designed for long distances, expected to go into production in 2024.

” The eActros, the first serial electric truck from Mercedes-Benz, and the associated services that will be offered are a big step for us and our clients on the path to being CO₂ neutral. In addition, the vehicle also has a special meaning for the Wörth plant in the future, because it marks the beginning of a path of the future that starts here with the eActros ”, explained Karin Radstrom, Member of the Management Board of Daimler Truck AG , responsible for Mercedes-Benz Trucks, on the importance and the great step that this first electric eActros represents for the German company.

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But to get a truck out of this plant, the steps that have been taken have been many. In fact, for the moment, the eActros will be manufactured in parallel along with other trucks with ‘traditional’ mechanics. Basically different types of vehicles will be assembled at the same time, doing it in the most integrated way possible throughout the process, manufacturing the basic structure of the same in a single production line, regardless of whether it has a conventional motor or is powered by electricity. Afterwards, the eActros arrives at the aforementioned Future Truck Center, where the electrification of the model takes place. To do this, Mercedes-Benz had to specifically train during the last months to a good part of its employees, teaching them, among many other things, how to work with high voltage batteries and other components whose handling in the factory may be dangerous. So much so that they began this training in 2018 for more than 2,500 employees. Once all the components are put together, the entire system is put into operation at the Future Truck Center, so that once everything is checked, the truck is ready to be driven.

The exit of the assembly line of the first eActros was attended by Daniela Schmitt, Minister for the Economy of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, and Karin Radström, from the Daimler Trucks AG Board of Directors.

The eActros, which was presented in 2016 as a prototype, is now a reality, with a heart that is made up of two electric motors and a two-speed transmission. Depending on the version, the eActros draws its power from three or four battery packs, which in total can give it up to 400 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge. Once this is depleted, the truck can be charged at powers of up to 160 kW, which allows the eActros equipped with three battery packs to recharge 20 to 80% in just over an hour in a DC fast charging station with a current of 400 A. In addition to this, the safety technology that it equips is also worth mentioning, since includes MirrorCam mirrors, turn assist or fifth generation active braking system with pedestrian detection.

The eActros has two electric motors, a two-speed transmission and three or four battery packs, depending on the version.

Thus, the eActros is one more step in the construction of Mercedes-Benz of an electric future and less polluting. In fact, the Wörth factory not only contributes with the construction of this electric commercial vehicle, but also The entire plant will be CO₂ neutral from 2022, just like the rest of Daimler Trucks’ European factories. To achieve this goal, the plant It will get electricity from wind and solar farms, as well as hydroelectric plants from 2022 onwards.

At first, the series model of the eActros will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, although other markets will follow later.

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