Lucia's lapidary reaction after seeing and hearing Isaac's betrayal in 'The Last Temptation'

Lucia has suffered another huge disappointment in the same place, but a year later and with another couple. Isaac has not managed to overcome ‘The Last Temptation’ and has hooked up with the temptress Bela, however, His girlfriend’s reaction has been very different from the one he lived with Manuel.

She has defended him ad nauseam and refused to believe that he was cheating on her with others. Gonzalo Montoya, Marina and even her own ex-boyfriend told her, who had had more than words with several girls while they were dating and that he would do it again. According to Marina’s words, “Isaac is an actor”, and that’s how she ended up calling it herself after seeing him in action.

“I don’t even want to see him to say goodbye. He is no longer my partner.”

“What fatigue! Enough is enough”, were the first words of the woman from Puerto Real (Cádiz) when she saw her boyfriend kissing non-stop with Bela in the other town. A disappointment that he summed up sharply and directly: “If there is one thing I have learned from last year to this year, it is that I’m not going to lose my health for a man. It hurts? If I care? Shit“.

Marina cried for corroborating with her friend what she warned her so much about, but Lucía was still cold and whole after seeing the images: “Absolutely nothing happens, because there are two people here. First him, because he’s the one with me, and second, her, because she came to evil all the time since she entered“.

Marina, Lucía, Patry and Alejandro, in ‘The Last Temptation’. (Mediaset)

However, the protagonist of the betrayal wanted to dedicate a lapidary message to which she already considers her ex: “I feel bad and disappointed, but the suffering I felt with Manuel I am not feeling now. If I have not died for Manuel I will not die for him“And he adds, even more tenacious:” I do not want to know anything about that person, I don’t even want to see him to say goodbye. He is no longer my partner and I don’t even have to tell him, because he acts as if he didn’t have it. ”

Sandra Barneda disrupts the rhythm of ‘The Last Temptation’ with her emergency visit


The rest of the classmates reminded him that, indeed, both Manuel and his friend were right and that ‘wolf’ was going to hit her at the slightest bit of change. “Marina was right, he’s an actor,” she had to admit to everyone, although she already suspected him from his conversation with Isaac’s ex-girlfriend. “I am ashamed to have defended him so much“She admits indignantly.” It makes me feel sorry and ashamed give it my all to get shit“, he ends by controlling the crying.

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