1. Show Aerts (NICE)
    2. Quinten Hermans (NICE)
    3. Eli Iserbyt (NICE)
    4. Michael Vanthourenhout (NICE)
    leading group

    1. Show Aerts (NICE)
    2. Quinten Hermans (NICE)
    3. Eli Iserbyt (NICE)
    4. Michael Vanthourenhout (NICE)


Eli Iserbyt started the World Cup season with a win in Waterloo. He undoubtedly wants to continue that form in Fayetteville. Or does Toon Aerts put a stop to him? Follow it here.

  1. 9 pm 23. Hermans shines in his own skin. He drives around alone and is currently not making a mistake. He puts a lot of pressure on the pursuers.  .
  2. 21 hours 21. Handful of seconds for Hermans. Aerts went to get a clean bike and catches his breath. He will have to get back to work soon though, because Quinten Hermans walks further away. .
  3. 21 hours 20. Quinten Hermans drives them all black in front of their eyes, punishment! Paul Herygers.
  4. 9 pm 19. In the descent Vanthourenhout drops a hole and as a result Aerts has to evaporate for the first time.  .
  5. 9 pm 17. The men only go one lap longer than the women here. There will be a total of 7.
  6. 9:15 pm The four strongest men have now found each other. Beyond that, the gap is already significant.  .
  7. 9 pm 13. The duo Iserbyt-Vanthourenhout hangs a few lengths from the front runners. .
  8. 9 p.m. 12. Toon Aerts thought he could go out on his own for an entire cross, but Quinten Hermans quickly jumps to his wheel. .
  9. 9 pm 11. There is currently no one up to Toon Aerts. Paul Herygers.
  10. 9 p.m. 10. 1st round. We are a lap away and the faces of the riders are already heavily smeared. Toon Aerts is the fastest around for the time being. .
  11. 9 pm 07. Hermans and Iserbyt already collect a clean bicycle in the first lap. The group in front has grown. .
  12. 9 pm 05. Quinten Hermans is also in the right form. He is the first to run up the big stairs with Toon Aerts by his side. Iserbyt and Vanthourenhout move along well. .
  13. 9 pm 05. It is Loenhout in bad weather. This is a powercross. Michel Wuyts.
  14. 9 p.m. 04. The weather on code red? That is code green for Toon Aerts. He is fully involved in that. Paul Herygers.
  15. 21 hours 03. Aerts to the head! After a cautious start, Toon Aerts is now completely loose. He likes this kind of trail. The Telenet lion sets the pace. .
  16. 9 p.m. 01. The pace is high on the first part in the woods. Besides Vanthourenhout, Hermans, Iserbyt and Soete also got off to a good start. Toon Aerts still needs some speed. .
  17. 21 hours match started
  18. 20 hours 59. The speed is higher, it has become a bit more swampy and there are stones under that top layer. So I’m afraid of flat tires. Paul Herygers.
  19. 8:52 p.m. It’s a good thing it’s raining. Otherwise it was just a little too fast and a little too short. Eli Iserbyt.
  20. 8 p.m. 41.
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