Belinda: Knowing the before and after of her many surgeries (Instagram)

Belinda: Knows the before and after of her many surgeries | Instagram

There is no doubt that today singer Belinda is one of the most beautiful women, however, being able to be so seems so expensive that it has cost her dearly, because throughout her life it is known that she has suffered several surgeries Plastic.

And is that although there is unfortunately no conclusive evidence, several photographs circulating on various social networks show that the charismatic singer and actress, has undergone several cosmetic surgeries to showcase her charms.

As we mentioned, Belinda is one of the most attractive women in the artistic world and her sensuality is capable of making an impact on anyone.

The Spanish-born singer owns one of the most beautiful faces in the series, however, her angelic face and features seemingly refined over the years have made more than one think that the beauty of Belinda Peregrín Schull is definitely a scalpel product.

This is how the singer has changed a lot over time, she even underwent a transformation that made her very different from when she started her career as a child star on Televisa.

In this way, it is believed that this favorable change would undoubtedly have happened with the help of plastic surgeries.

And it is that by comparing the photographs of the past of the interpreter with those of today, his features reveal changes in his physiognomy which could hardly be consequences of the loss of body weight.

This is why surgeons assure that Belinda has had recourse to several cosmetic surgeries to perfect her face and even her figure.

Well, to get right to the point, Belinda’s apparent dissatisfaction with her natural features would have caused her to undergo at least 19 surgeries, including rhinoplasty (nose), thinning of the chin and bichetomy. (to define the cheekbones) stand out.

However, some media point out that she only underwent around 11 surgeries which showcased her beauty very well.

The before and after of the actress would have required various cosmetic procedures that deserve to be detailed.

For example, one of the most notorious surgeries you have on your face is nose surgery (rhinoplasty), because before it didn’t look upside down or as small as it does today.

It is worth noting that this change was extremely evident in 2009 when Belinda underwent her first cosmetic surgery and her new physique was exposed in various media.

At that time, the singer stressed that this was a necessary operation, as she had difficulty breathing, although the size and shape of her nose had been changed.

However, the singer was reportedly not happy with the outcome and in 2012, she was caught leaving a New York hospital with her nose bandaged, leading to speculation about a nasal refinement touch up.

On the other hand, the chin is another part of his face that he modified to significantly improve his features and make his face look more refined or elongated.

Belinda is believed to have undergone mentoplasty to define the outline of her face and thus leave behind the image of the tender girl to become one of the most beautiful women in the series.

However, the interpreter of “Love at first sight” also underwent an operation for a cheekbone lift, with which she achieved this perfect face that she now claims on her social networks.

According to Doctor Lemus, the cheekbone lift suffered by the singer ended up giving her that face turned.

But the ex-coach of “La Voz México” of TV Azteca also had a radiant transformation in her figure, which she would have obtained after being passed several times with the scalpel.

Some media point out that the changes in her body were noticeable in 2013, when they saw that her small bust had suddenly increased.

With this, the paid mammoplasty was made visible, although her derrier also already looked with a larger volume, so she also operated on her glutes.

And in order to have a slimmer waist and a reshaping of her most flattering figure, the performer of “Light without gravity” underwent liposuction.

The truth is that over time it became more and more evident that there was a big difference in Belinda before and after the surgeries, but one last change was missing.

Suddenly Belinda went from a flat, smooth midsection to a marked midsection, which was seen as a very natural transformation of her figure and ended up defining her sculptural and much envied figure.

As if that weren’t enough, it is suspected that, like many celebrities today, Belinda has undergone lip augmentation and altered her eyebrows to further frame her beautiful face.

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