"It was a tick": Manuel, ruined by Isaac's deception of Lucia in 'Temptation'

Sex and drunkenness have taken a back seat in Manuel to give way to crying without consolation. The young man has collapsed upon learning of Isaac’s betrayal of his ex-girlfriend Lucia in ‘The Last Temptation’.

“When I’m with someone I want to the limit, It doesn’t fit in my body to want more! And they don’t correspond to me in the same way. It makes me feel sorry and ashamed to give everything and get shit. “This is how Lucia reacted when she saw that, again and in the same place, a boyfriend of hers is hooking up with another. Her next step was to want to see and talk with Manuel, and that’s what she did.

“I think he deserves a correction like the one you gave me, you have to hit him hard”

“You were right, they gave me a video hooking up with Bela. Thanks for standing up for me!“She said out of the blue to her alone with her ex-boyfriend. The man from Cádiz embraced her instantly and began to cry non-stop:”Piece of shitSee, I told you, I’m not cheating on you! I didn’t want him to laugh and look“” Ya … Well, you all laugh at me, “she answered, indignant and powerless for experiencing a new disloyalty to all of Spain.

How unlucky you are! It has hurt, because you do not deserve that“, his ex said to him through tears.”It was a tick that you have taken off and that he was sucking you, “he added, after days of having warned him that Isaac was not to be trusted, that he would get involved with others and that he would not treat her as she deserves.

Manuel and Lucía, in ‘The Last Temptation’. (Mediaset)

She told him the images she has seen of the one she already considers her ex-partner and that she never wants to see him again. “Aren’t you going to talk to him? I think he deserves a correction like the one you gave me, I think you have to hit it hard“He advised her. She replies no, that she doesn’t deserve anything, not even looking at him or talking to him, after what he’s done.

Lucia’s lapidary reaction after seeing and hearing Isaac’s betrayal in ‘The Last Temptation’

Alvaro Roldan

Manuel broke even more when Sandra Barneda brought them all together to talk about what happened and after hearing from Lucía that for her, “here Manuel is like my family.” “She deserves someone who takes care of her and treats her well and respects her. I will be a bad boyfriend, but not a bad friend, and he will have me for whatever it takes, “he finished completely bathed in tears, saddened and disappointed with what has happened again to his former girlfriend.

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