Isa Pantoja explodes in 'The Ana Rosa program': "I will not allow anyone to humiliate me"

“I’m ‘on fire.” That was how forceful it was Isa Panoja upon arrival at the set of ‘The AR program’. The last exclusive of Kiko Rivera charging against Anabel Pantoja and against her has been the last straw that has filled the glass of the collaborator, who has definitely exploded before Ana Rosa Quintana: “I will not allow anyone to humiliate me or crush me for something that, on top, I have not done“.

The morning magazine recapitulated the affronts of Kiko her sister, and she did not bite her tongue in her answer, clearer than ever: “No one can blame me for anything because I have been respecting the position of both my mother and my brother for a long time. Perhaps in recent months I have I have put a little more on my mother’s side, because she is the one I saw the most defenseless because she was not speaking on television like him. But everything has a limit, and I’ve been keeping a lot of things quiet for a long time because I don’t want to drag more people. I’m not like that, and besides, I wouldn’t be forgiven as easily as him, so I prefer to breathe and stay calm. ”

Isa Pantoja, in ‘The AR program’. (Telecinco)

“I am holding back a lot. He says exactly what I have said about the wedding, which is what I witness. He attacks me there, he calls me a liar, but he is wrong. The point is that I do inform myself of everything before speaking here, to speak in its fair measure, and perhaps he has not seen the program and he does not know what I have said, because what he is saying does not make any sense. I don’t understand why anyone stopped him, “the young woman vehemently assured, leaving her brother completely uninformed.

But Chabelita went much further in her blunt reply: “Yes, it is true that I measure my words more because I know that I can hurt people and I do not want to involve anyone in this conflict. I have been for my brother. He put me in ‘The poisoned inheritance’ with a very ugly thing that my family said about me and I did not know. Really who has done what things? Because I have not said anything about him or Irene or anyone else. My family is his If I come here, it is obviously to talk about my family. I am not a journalist, that is obvious and we all know it. I am here talking about us like Anabel or Irene does, but at least I am getting a career with which I hope to earn a living. But I am not less than him, he is not more than anyone “.

Isa Pantoja, in ‘The AR program’. (Telecinco)

“I’m tired of being told with jokes about my family, as he has done. It is true that years ago, in my youth, they could tell me about everything, but it did not affect me because I have a lot of self-esteem. Another thing is now, that I have my priorities and my stability. I will not allow myself to be crushed for something that I am not. We can all forgive things, but people have videos and everyone knows that the most I have said about my mother is that she has been very overprotective with me and that she did not like my boyfriends. I have said about you that we did not have a good relationship, as with my uncle and my grandmother, so people are not stupid, they know what each one has come to say about the rest “, the collaborator summarized, showing that it was him who has most vilified his mother on sets and magazines.

“I am not going to allow anyone to humiliate me or crush me for something that, above all, I have not done. I am going to defend myself whatever,” Isa continued, making it clear that if he can, he will not harm anyone because he has principles and values: “I have a 7-year-old boy who already finds out about things. I don’t get involved in my family’s conflicts because in the end the bad guys are the ones in the middle. I prefer not to go into those things and that is why I can be seen calm in the face of certain conflicts, but things still hurt me. I do not go in because I do not get splashed, because you are already seeing what happens to the people who get in the way. In the end they reconcile and others pay the duck. ”

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About what will happen next, Isa Pantoja is clear: “He says many things and then apologizes. I forgive things. I do it and it is normal that people do not understand that I forgive him, but I am like that. He lets go of it. who considers his truth, looking only for himself, without calculating the damage he does to others, even if he later asks for forgiveness. I prefer not to light the fuse and that is why I do not want to go into their accusations, but I am fed up. The bad guys cannot always be others. He will end up asking for forgiveness and I will forgive him because he is my brother. ”

Finally, Isa once again emphasized one of the things that most hurt her in her statements, accusing her of having no job or benefit: “He has no right to tell me that I live by talking about my family. He can tell me. Someone who doesn’t, but precisely he doesn’t. Now he accuses me of lying, but I know I tell the truth, that’s why I don’t need proof of anything. I tell the truth. I don’t know why he has to say anything to me. It doesn’t make sense for him to get mad at me for no reason, I don’t understand it, but I’m sure he’ll end up apologizing“the young woman stated firmly.

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