If you just bought a PS5, turn off these 5 default settings that make the experience worse

The PS5 is a great console, but it comes from the factory with a series of activated options that little by little fill the storage, affect privacy, or are directly annoying.

Although it went on sale almost a year ago, many people have not been able to buy a PlayStation 5 console, because there is no stock. Luckily, it’s already starting to hit stores again.

If you have just bought one, you will immediately see that it is a great console, with exclusive games that are spectacular at a graphical level and very fun, such as Ratchet & Clank (Analysis), and compatibility with PS4 games, many of them improved graphically or in framerate.

The problem is that Some of the options that are factory-enabled with PS5 can spoil the experience a bit.. It is true that they are practical or informative, but they take up space, decrease privacy, or get in the way when you play.

Our colleague Daniel Cáceres from Business Insider suggests disable these PS5 settings that worsen the experience.

We ourselves have verified that it is true, so we teach you to deactivate them, if you do not like them either.

The microphone

In an incomprehensible way, the remote control’s microphone is always on, even if we are not playing online.

This brings with it many privacy concerns, so it is better to disable it by default.

New version of Nintendo’s flagship console, now with a 7 “OLED-type screen, 64 GB of storage and in a new white color.

To deactivate it go to ASettings, Sound, Microphone, and select the option Silence on Microphone status when connected.

When you want to use it you just have to press the microphone button on the remote.


Consoles PlayStation 5 offers many kinds of notifications while you play: friends connecting, patches downloading, trophies you earn, etc.

They are informative, but distract you while you play, and take you out of the dive.

Go into Settings and then in Notifications. You can disable them completely in the option Allow pop-up notifications, or just what you choose in Manage pop-up messages.


As in the previous case, PS5 also shows a message in the middle of the game every time you capture a screen or video.

The problem is that, if you capture many screens in a row … you end up capturing the message, spoiling the photo.

To remove this notification, go to Settings, Captures and broadcasts, Shortcuts for the Create Button.

The trophy videos

Default, every time you get a trophy while you play, the console records a video of about 15 seconds and saves it to the storage drive.

It’s always nice to remember how you won certain trophies, but considering that in each game you can win more than 20 trophies on average, you will end up accumulating hundreds of videos that take up space.

Taking into account the very little free space of the new generation consoles and how expensive it costs to expand it, we are not like to waste even a MB.

Maybe Sony should include an option to record automatically only the important trophies, those of silver, gold and platinum, which are scarcer and more relevant.

For disable automatic trophy recording and a Adjustments, Captures and Transmissions, Trophies and deactivate Save trophy videos.

In this tutorial we explain how to expand the space of PS5 with an SSD disk.

Menu music and sounds

Admittedly, the music and audio effects that Sony uses in the PS5 menu are beautiful and relaxing.

Some games have their own music, but most don’t, so you end up hearing the same melody and sounds thousands of times.

If you have tired of them go to Settings, Sound, Audio out, General and deactivate Home screen music y/o Sound effects.

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