"Hypocrite", "Aggressive", "Weather vane": Dzzinced by Internet users, Alix from Koh-Lanta gets angry!

Faced with new complaints on social networks Tuesday evening during Koh-Lanta: The Legend on TF1, Alix spoke on his social networks.

Complicated season for Alix Noblat ! After shining in Koh-Lanta: the 4 Lands, the young thirty-something probably did not imagine living an adventure as intense as that of The legend. Qualified for reunification this Tuesday, October 12, the adventurer must face many criticisms. And these are coming from all sides. Adventurers already (Jade, Clémentine, etc.) but also Internet users. For Alix, this is too much! On Instagram, the young woman wanted to make things clear.

Critics that no longer pass

Faced with new complaints on social networks Tuesday evening, Alix reacted. Indeed, on Twitter, some Internet users consider it “hypocritical” and “aggressive”, others reproach it with “weathervane” behavior.

There are people who make a judgment on you based on a game. I have defended my place no matter what, everyone is on the same footing in my eyes and the network influence has no impact on my decisions (compared to some people). Today, it does not matter much to get along with so and so or to show myself well to the “Kohpains” who only know me through a game.

And to continue:

Currently, I live real adventures with real people, real emotions and enriching interactions. Real life what. So when I hear: “Alix, she’s like this, like that, she has no values. I invite you to spend a day with me in real life. To get to know me before making any judgment

she concludes. A focus enough to calm his haters? Not sure !

"Hypocrite", "Agressive", "Weathercock"... Dezinced by Internet users, Alix from Koh-Lanta gets angry!
@Instagram Alix Noblat

Rise against Jade and Clémentine

A few weeks ago, after the accusations of Jade and Clémentine against her, the adventurer had already made a strong update on her social networks.

So that everything is well laid out: after the trial of the lazy ones, I suggested to some adventurers and adventurers of my team to massage them (forearms and cervicals) because they were shattered. Bruises, dermabrasions, loss of sensitivity in the upper limbs, fouling of the carpal tunnel. I really like taking care of others and today some candidates try to pass it off as flirtation or misplaced act.

She threatens not to come to the final

And that’s not all. In other stories, Alix even questions his presence on the set of the final in a few weeks.

Know that many adventurers have only Koh-Lanta in their life and only live through gossip of all kinds. And others are waiting for the TV to reveal them in broad daylight. So when the adventure doesn’t go as planned for them, they live by proxy (it’s sad). I let it flow for a while, but today the provocation is far too deep. Life had already given me a sign that giving too much is sometimes frowned upon, but I really did not expect this kind of behavior. My presence in the final is yet to be confirmed. Too good, too stupid.

As a couple with a former Koh-Lanta adventurer

Candidate de Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands in 2020, Alix had met her companion on the island. Since then, it is with the handsome Mathieu that she shares her life at 1000 per hour. It is in the columns of Gala that Alix had ended up formalizing their affair. “When I arrived on the Les 4 Terres edition, I fell in love with Mathieu. When we got home, we got together. And it’s been going on for a year. We were nature-painting on the island, but we liked each other. Suddenly, we said to ourselves that the return to normal life could only go well, ”she explained.

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