This Wednesday, Telecinco issued a new chapter of The last temptation which included Isaac’s infidelity to Lucia. Wolf took very little time to kiss Bela despite having boasted a thousand times about the relationship he had with his girlfriend and assuring that it would be faithful to him.

Lucía and Marina approach positions in 'The Last Temptation'.

The passionate moment originated first urgent viewing, allowing Lucía and her companions with a partner from Villa Playa to see how the latest events had unfolded.

Lucia reacted with great integrity and dignity, something that the presenter, Sandra Barneda, urged. Plus affected were the least expected: Marina and Manuel. The first was moved to see that what she had foreseen had happened.

For his part, Manuel pointed out that, although he was a very bad boyfriend, he was a very good friend, and he burst into tears even more than Lucia herself. A very commented phrase of the Cadiz was when he said that the young woman had “very bad luck”, because her last two boyfriends had been disloyal to her on television.

It was something very striking, because the young man is dedicated to showing off his infidelities, both to Lucia and to other people, continuously; so that that protection to Lucia from something that he himself had done to her, but causing her much more pain, according to her, it was something quite paradoxical.

“I didn’t want him to laugh at you. How unlucky you are, little girl. It has hurt a lot. It’s the last thing you deserve. That was a tick of yours! I was sucking you. I feel very sorry for you. It would deserve the corrective you did to me. I think you have to hit him hard, he deserves it, “Manuel said through tears.

This feeling was heightened when the young man entered the room where the other boys were, except for Alejandro, to tell them the news. And it is that, all of them they celebrated and high-fived, like something good had happened, because the facts had proved him right.

This duality was very striking seeing that, minutes before, Manuel had broken up with Lucía, something that the networks did not let pass and made all kinds of memes, comments and criticisms about it. Conversely, Lucía highly valued Manuel’s support, and boasted that the young man was the person who understood her the most of the whole house, being almost like his family: “You were right. I have seen Isaac making out with Bela. And nothing … thanks for defending me,” he said.

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