Although Michael sSchumacher had an enviable career, in his last two years at Ferrari he would have changed for Alonso. Now the Asturian is aware of this and also that he should have enjoyed more of the two World Cups he conquered. This was recognized by Fernando Alonso himself after an atypical Turkish Grand Prix in which he rolled in the back of the grid with Mick Schumacher.

The two-time champion started fifth in Istanbul, his best starting position since the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix. However, after being rammed by Pierre Gasly on the first lap, Fernando Alonso he was relegated to the back of the grid. From there he tried to come back but, like Gasly had done with him, the Spaniard rammed Mick Schumacher, which is why he was sanctioned.

That is where the greatness of the champion was seen, that as soon as he finished the race he wanted to apologize to the son of Michael Schumacher. “In the first laps we were all in a group with very little visibility. I went inside, I understand that he has not seen me, we touched. They gave me 5 seconds, and understandable too, because I was trying to recover and maybe it was not the most suitable place to overtakeBut I saw a hole and I thought I could get in As then he spun and everything, They gave me the penalty and it is deserved”, Recognized Fernando Alonso.

“The circumstances were very difficult. In the end, the two collisions ruined my career. At the first corner I saw myself outside. And then the other thing happened and I wanted to tell Mick right after the Grand Prix that I was sorryI wanted to attack him, but as the court was, I slid against him. That was just bad luck, and unfortunately we couldn’t get anything out of our great fifth place on the grid, ”added the Oviedo.

The similarities between Mick and Michael Schumacher

Fernando Alonso took the opportunity to compare the Haas pilot with Michael sSchumacher: “It really is something special to have him in Formula 1, reminds me a lot of his father in their body language, their expressions and almost everything. Too It has the same letters on the time monitor and when I see it it is something very moving”.

“I like him a lot, I like his style and I like that he is in Formula 1. It would be good to see him soon at the wheel of a car that is more competitive”, Added Fernando Alonso about Mick Schumacher.

The battles between Alonso and Michael Schumacher

Fernando Alonso He also took the opportunity to talk about what he learned in his battles with the Kaiser: “I especially learned one thing from him: never give up. Michael has always been very kind to me and we had great respect for each other, it always made me think that he would have wanted my success and that I should have enjoyed the championship wins more of the world”.

Days ago, asked about his duels with Schumacher, the Asturian said: “I have to say that my battles with Michael were the best moments of my career. Whether it was when I was the one who lost, or when I won races and the championship, what happened before, competing against him … After running against Michael, everything that happened was less intense, it was never the same. Going wheel to wheel with Michael was difficult, it was extremely tough fighting him. He knew he was the strongest, that he was the legend, and he defended that position on the track. And it was a greater satisfaction, because you were dealing with the legend ”.

I think Michael’s legacy is bigger than we can imagine. I think that the whole generation of drivers that is now in Formula 1, and the one that is arriving, race in Formula 1 thanks to him. He has the power to make things bigger ”, added Fernando Alonso.

The lament of Mick Schumacher

He was also recently talking about his father Mick in the documentary about Michael Schumacher published by Netflix: “I believe that Dad and I, we would understand each other in a different way now simply because we speak a similar language, the language of the engine and we would have a lot to talk about. There is my head most of the time, thinking that would be so cool. I’d give it all up just for that”.

“Since the accident these experiences, these moments that I think many people have with their parents are no longer present, or they are but less, and in my opinion it is something unfair”, He lamented Mick Schumacher.

Still, in said documentary, his mother Corinna declared: “Of course I miss Michael every day, but it’s not just me who misses him: the children, the family, his father, everyone who is close to him. Everybody misses Michael but michael is here. In a different way, but it is here and that makes us find strength ”.

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