Espino looks for a thousand apologies for not recognizing his transfuguismo

The Dictionary of the Spanish language of the Royal Academy, an inexhaustible source of knowledge and a very useful tool for those who habitually work with the language, says that a “turncoat” is the “person who with a public office does not abandon this when separating from the party that He presented him as a candidate ”. The reality is stubborn and some definitions are unappealable, but the passing deputy Vidina Espino, a journalist and teacher, refuses to accept her condition, clinging to the inconsistencies of the Canarian Parliament’s regulations, which make it difficult for her to be expelled from the Mixed Group and her transfer to the group of those not attached. Yesterday, instead of looking in the mirror or reading the dictionary, Espino chose to look everywhere for culprits. And one in particular, the vice president and counselor of the Treasury, Román Rodríguez.

Half an hour before the start of the plenary session, the deputy affirmed that “not every politician who leaves his party is a turncoat”, and that she left because Cs failed to fulfill his commitments to the Canary Islands, but that he has not changed his formation or caused him to fall no government with your vote. However, he did consider that the leaders of Nueva Canarias maintained their public positions when a good part of the Gran Canaria militancy of CC took place, which gave rise to the birth of NC in 2005. He also forgot to say that his former party has asked the chamber to be considered a turncoat.

Espino is walking a very questionable path of morality, but he tries to construct a kind of epic tale to justify himself. “They persecute me,” he says. And she points to NC, because she says that she sings the “truths” to Vice President Román Rodríguez about her “fixes” with the central government, the expense in Vice-presidency surveys, the supposed control of the RTVC, the increase in advisers or salaries. of the government. He also accused him of machismo.

Espino clings to the regulation, whose article 23 prevents the expulsion of a deputy from the Mixed Group even if he leaves the party with which he appeared in the elections, but later criticizes that NC has asked the Consultative for an opinion on his situation, something perfectly legal, with the argument that requesting opinions, he maintains, has only been done six times in 40 years. According to the deputy, two PIL parliamentarians left their party in 2006 and remained in the Mixed Group. She will fight if they try to remove her from the Mixed Group, she will demand that “the law be followed.” Another thing is what common sense and the dictionary say …

And in the meantime, he may continue to star in media controversies that give him visibility, on a path of uncertain future, but which seems full of noise. Yesterday, he presented a letter to the Board of the Chamber to donate 200,000 euros from the accounts of the Mixed Group to those affected by the La Palma volcano. Thus, without consulting with his other colleague from the Mixed Group, Cs deputy Ricardo Fernández de la Puente, although he said that he was sure that he would have nothing against the proposal. Fernández de la Puente, who never raises his tone, was disgusted yesterday through the corridors of Parliament. And he released a statement recalling that this request has been submitted by a person “who totally escapes the control and supervision of any political formation, since by leaving Ciudadanos, he is only accountable to himself for his actions.” He also presented a formal query to the Chamber’s Legal Services. But they have already told him unofficially “that such a donation is not possible since the subsidy provided to the Parliamentary Groups is of a finalist nature and cannot be used for the intended purpose for the mere fact that a defector deputy deems it appropriate ”.

And so it was. Then, within Parliament, there was a lot of talk about La Palma, with the first critical glimpses of the opposition regarding the agility with which the Canarian Government is doing things. The Minister of Education announced that the Canary Islands will have, between 2021 and 2023, 210 million in education within the Resilience Mechanism of European funds, with which it will be possible to promote digitization, early education and dual vocational training. Sounds good, but let’s see how it materializes in this community with so many training deficits. The Food Chain Law was discussed again, where amendments have been introduced in Congress that affect the banana and reassure Asprocan but displease the Platform for a Fair Price of the Canarian Banana, which includes some 3,500 farmers. Let’s see what happens in the Senate. There was talk of the decline of livestock, of economic diversification …

But the day was advancing and it was my turn to consult the dictionary. Just like Kostas Jaritos, the Greek writer Petros Márkaris’s police commissioner. Although he practices this hobby long and hard, to relax for a while

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