Demi Lovato asks not to call aliens 'aliens' because it is derogatory

Demi Lovato provided controversial statements about extraterrestrial beings, since his docuseries“Unidentified with Demi Lovato” from the Peacock platform explores all the mysteries that encompass life outside of planet earth. He has also been suggested as a great believer that extraterrestrial life exists.

In an interview with PedestrianHe explained that he does not believe that strange beings intend to harm humans; “I really think that if there was something out there that wanted to do that to us, it would have already happened” and Lovato added “But I think we have to stop calling them ‘alien’ because this is a derogatory term for anything. That’s why I like to call them ET “

In social networks, Internet users were echoed by the statements of Lovato before the environment about extraterrestrial life; however, he did not refer to term alien as we know it -a science fiction being that comes to Earth from space-, but in a pejorative sense, the word alien is used in reference, mainly in the United States, to immigrants or people who come from other countries, is considered dehumanizing for migrant advocates.

Until the United States President Joe Biden, has provided statements about what is a term dehumanizing and proposed to the houses of representatives his replacement in the U.S. Immigration Law to “Non-citizen”.

This is used like this, since, alien comes from Latin alienus “strange” or “alien”; and there are different classifications according to the immigration status of the person: legal alien, non-resident alien, temporary resident alien, permanent resident alien, illegal alien, enemy alien. Although its terminology differs in many countries, such as in Mexico we use foreignO.

Demi Lovato is looking for “An understanding of how much we need to take care of our planet and how much we need to learn to expand our consciousness” with his docuseries.

And ended in his interview with “I think the world is becoming a more open place. Slowly but surely, I think we are making progress. And little by little we are achieving it. But, you know, any progress is progress! “

In his documentary series he will explore extraterrestrial life and “Discover the truth about the UFO phenomenon” next to his sister Dallas Lovato and best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery. He stated that he does not have any song called “Aliens”.

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