Daily Horoscope October 14 - Trust your intuition, Pisces


You may have been through a lot in recent years, possibly with deaths or dangerous operations in the family, and you will not be spared that in the coming year. Family life will be happier. Your health will remain stable, but after 11/5 you may experience stress.


Avoid people who fear everything and doubt everything. The direction you have chosen is correct as long as you believe in it yourself. Make an effort for a good cause and do it even when no one is looking. Accept people as they are.


Visiting family can make you think; have you not experienced something like this before? Don’t let yourself be pushed to the second plan. An independent expert can best determine the value of heritage items or a collection.


If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to do nothing and use your time to listen and observe. Someone who has made things difficult for you may now be willing to meet you. Preferably work from home today.


Pressure to make a decision can have repercussions on other aspects of your life. Take a look at yourself and be honest. Maybe it’s time for some mental therapy. Relax and let loved ones and friends take care of themselves.


During negotiations, people can make it difficult for you. If it is unclear what is expected of you, it is important to find out and whether it serves you yourself. Reserve tickets for film or theater on the weekend.


Investing in an unusual business project can prove lucrative. You can expect important visitors. Be diplomatic. Contact with a lively person of the opposite sex can brighten this day.


What seems far away is closer than you think. Keep an eye on what’s going on around you and don’t be put off. Learn about economics. Protect yourself by putting business and personal relationships in perspective.


The day starts positively; a training program can show results, but there can also be a move. A crush can make your heart run wild; stay calm. Someone may have been kidding you.


Experience gained comes in handy; choose priorities and don’t run away from more responsibilities. Someone with a grumpy appearance turns out to be able to laugh; reward it with a compliment. Don’t argue about money.


Get rid of an old-fashioned method. Emphasize originality. Keep the big picture in mind and don’t let yourself be restricted or cut off the road. Show that you can be counted on. Wear cheerful colors.


A wish can come true; funds become available. Someone proves his loyalty and will stand by your side. There is blessing in romantic and financial conversations. Stay informed of the latest trends.


The feeling of being alone for everything can suddenly disappear. Others seem to find you attractive and enjoy being in your company. Your magnetism is back. Avoid friends who drink too much. Trust your intuition.

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