Completely eliminate brain tumors in terminal patients

A new cancer therapy has destroyed totally brain tumors from terminally ill patients with cancer of the brain or throat. After treatment – a combination of drugs to stimulate the immune system – the tumors completely disappeared without any physical intervention.

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As the Guardian informs, although the statistical value of the phase 3 experiment is still limited and the treatment requires more testing, scientists and patients alike have been genuinely surprised and hopeful by the fantastic results. Professor Kevin Harrington, one of the authors of the experiment, says that the test shows that the drug combination achieved the longest half-life extension experienced by patients with metastatic head or neck cancer.

In many of the cases, such as Barry Ambrose, terminally ill throat cancer patient with lung metastases, the tumor completely disappeared at the end of treatment. That after being previously announced that his death was imminent. Ambrose, the researchers say, still alive four years later treatment and the cancer has not returned. Man – who has now 77 years – he says that when Professor Harrington told him about the test, he had nothing to lose. “In the end it was a salvation. I had almost no side effects and I was able to continue with my life normally ”. In fact, he claims it did so well that doctors let him go on a cruise with his wife before finishing it in 2019.

How does it work

The British Cancer Research Institute presented the results of the shocking study in this year’s virtual edition of the congress of the European Society of Medicine, according to The Guardian. The team of institute scientists, researchers The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and other physicians in Greece and the United States, the phase three study “CheckMate 651” was tested in 947 patients.

Two T cells attacking a cancer cell (NIH)

Instead of using chemotherapy, the researchers used a combination of the therapies nivolumab and ipilimumab that cause the body’s natural defense system to attack cancer cells in these types of tumors. The combination of immunotherapies completely eliminated the tumors in many of the patients, especially those with high levels of PD-L1, a molecule that regulates the immunity of cells and that, in 2003, was identified as a possible target with which to identify and attack cancer cells.

Improves the quality of life of patients

But in addition to the dramatic effect on tumors, the study authors emphasize that this type of therapy it has no side effects like chemotherapy. The latter is very aggressive with the body, damaging other functions on its way to try to kill tumors.

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According to the results of the report, not only is this new treatment much more effective than chemotherapy, but also the patients were able to continue with their lives normally, without being weakened. According to another of the study researchers, Professor Kristian Helin of the Institute for Cancer Research, the new therapy avoids the difficult effects of chemotherapy.

Again, the treatment it’s not a silver bullet It can be applied to all types of patients, but it opens the door of hope for a large number of patients. Now you can hurry with the next test phases.

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