Alpha men among themselves: In the “summer house of the stars” Mola Adebisi plays the macho – and makes enemies

In the new episode of “Summer House of the Stars” one thing becomes clear above all: a lot of machos have moved in here. In addition to Mike Cees-Monballijn, Mola Adebisi is now making his partner desperate with nasty sayings. And that makes some co-candidates – including Jana Pallaske – angry!

Episode 5 in the “Summer House of the Stars” and the question that is increasingly being asked: How misogynistic does this show want to be? Keyword: toxic relationships.

Mike Cees-Monballijn has presented himself with serious behavioral problems since the first episode. At first he “only” controlled his wife Michelle, now he has put the entire celebrity flat share on the hit list. The 33-year-old suspects betrayal around every corner. He tries to explain his black and white worldview with strange comparisons from the animal world. Only listener: his wife Michelle.

“In the lion world it is like this: When a new lion comes, it bites the other lions away. That’s how I see it in here.” A short time later, the king of the animal kingdom became a supposedly dangerous dog: “In here I feel like a Doberman who has been put on a leash. I am ready to fight, but may not.” And when all crude animal metaphors have been ignored, only a parable from the sport helps, but: Mike cannot win: “There is only cheering when you have crossed the finish line. You have to finish first, before you have to finish first “- or something like that.

Misogynist sayings in the “summer house of the stars”

On the moral guardian front in the bedroom there is still a cold like the last time in 1950: The following monologue is unfortunately not thought up: Mike: “What are you wearing today? Swimwear? You tap off! A woman does not always have to be so sexy – that I do not like it!”

The 40-year-old Michelle seems exhausted, she can find neither counter-arguments nor a way out of the golden cage, which is suddenly illuminated by glaring headlights. Unfortunately, it seems to look similar at home: “I went through a lot of outfits with Michelle at home. She listens to me a lot because she doesn’t want to present herself like that,” says Mike.

What he doesn’t like at all: how his wife behaves at the games. Namely, always different from what he says. She just doesn’t understand the connections, never. Whatever she does or doesn’t do, he pisses her off. She mustn’t be disappointed either: “You don’t have to look like that all the time, just be happy!”, He says at her after a bad game. It hurts more by the minute to watch these scenes.

Mola Adebisi makes a fool of his girlfriend in the “summer house”

The irony of the story: Mola Adebisi realizes how toxic the relationship between Mike and Michelle is (“Michelle used to be sunshine. Now he’s a totally different person”), but finds nothing at all about it, his own girlfriend in front of the cameras and the assembled team to be ridiculous.

It starts with a misplaced sexist slogan after Adelina has problems with a mouth spreader (“There are completely different things going in there, honey!”) And derogatory comments during the games (“A headless chicken would have done that faster than you “,” If you just stand, it looks great, but as soon as you move … “), goes about aping their running style in front of the assembled group and ends with a complaint that his girlfriend” smells like an ashtray ” .

Adelina reacts helplessly to the obvious attempts to keep her small: “You know that I smoke! Then what’s the problem?” Mola: “I said: honey, you can smoke as much as you want. All you have to do is wash your hands!” How do you know this derogatory, condescending way of communicating with women? Finally, the RTL-Off spokesman speaks plain language when he says: “At this point, Mola and Mike are soul mates.”

Jana Pallaske speaks plain language in the “Summer House of the Stars”

It is the actress Jana Pallaske, dismissed as a crazy natural being by the other roommates, who has the clear view: “It pisses me off the way he treats you,” she speaks openly to Adelina, “that he made such fun of it. Is she asks the 33-year-old. The weighs down. Everything is quite harmless: “That’s a shame! He doesn’t mean it badly, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just our coexistence, we are humorous.”

Not at all strange just that the laughter is always at the expense of Adelina. Jana vented her anger in the consulting room: “Mola embarrassed her in front of everyone about how bad she would have done it. I thought that really sucks!” It has nothing to do with romance.

Clear decision in the “summer house of the stars”

The nomination is – unsurprisingly – a clear one: Six votes go to Mike and Michelle. Maritta Krehl expresses what many think: “We don’t want you here any longer.” An interesting reason comes from the emigrant Steff Jerkel: “I recognize myself in you in earlier years in the relationship, which is not necessarily good.”

Mike tries to mimic the strong against his wife – it succeeds to a limited extent: “I have myself under control here, but I am really boiling. The most dangerous level for me is when I stop saying anything. Then I shouldn’t be looked at, do not touch, do not speak – that can explode. ” Shouldn’t anyone say later that they didn’t warn anyone, right?

In the Exit Challenge, Mike and Michelle meet Mola and Adelina. No spontaneous leg injury to the ex-Viva presenter (Mike: “It’s all just a show!”), Nor the offer from Almklausi and Maritta to take over because Mola is handicapped. Mike: “Of course it doesn’t work that way.” Meanwhile, Adelina is annoyed that she is where she is at all: “That was the worst idea with this ‘summer house’, this psycho-mess!”, She grumbles. Could the “summer house curse” of separation also hit you?

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