"After that, to me he is a god": Raúl's exemplary anger at his Real Madrid Castilla players

Jorge Valdano, ex-footballer, former coach and ex-director of Real Madrid, is one of the people who best knows the white club from within and has spoken about it and ‘La Galerna’. In the extensive interview, the Argentine has talked about various issues in Madrid’s history, current football, Mourinho, his time at Tenerife, his farewell to the benches and Raúl González Blanco. The one who was captain and historic ‘7’ of the merengue shirt owes much of his career to Valdano, who gave him a relevant role in the team. “Raúl gave himself up. They are very very special players. He is the greatest intelligence that I have ever seen on a court,” he highlighted.

Raúl, who currently coaches Real Madrid Castilla, aims for the Santiago Bernabéu bench in the future. However, on his way he has left several anecdotes as a coach. Among them, the one explained by Valdano, who extols the values ​​he transmits to his players: “Last year they won in Navalcarnero at the last minute, and some Castilla player made an ugly gesture to the public. A Navalcarnero manager told me: “I already admired Raúl, but since I heard the anger he hit his players after that, for me he is a god. He told them that, with a bit of bad luck, they themselves could be playing at the Navalcarnero in a few minutes. years, and that they had no right to humiliate working people. ‘

“Raúl is directing Castilla’s youngest squad. He grabs seventeen-year-old kids and six months later he returns men to you. He grabs Miguel Gutiérrez and makes him a man. With Antonio? The same. Marvin? A man. They have made men through an incredible level of demand. Transmitting those values ​​to the boys of today is increasingly difficult, and Raúl does it, “he continued.

Valdano was the one who convinced Raúl not to go to Atlético de Madrid. The then white coach was captivated by his game after seeing him in a U-19 match. “Mand was very surprised. I said to Ramón Martínez: ‘And who is that sperm?’ He was 16. He was small and electric. It did not stop. A friend said that they had done it in the hospital with everything that was left over from the day he was born. He did not stand out for anything, but his mobility was enormous. I was amused. Some time later, already in Madrid, they told me if I remembered him. “Of course,” I said, “a guy like that doesn’t forget.” “Well, you want to go to Atleti”, they answered me. I was at that time when I wanted to kick Zamorano … “.

After convincing him, he made his Madrid debut against Oviedo, and there he left another anecdote, this time with Laudrup. “Before the game, the players began to make a round. Raúl lost it, but he interpreted that Laudrup had given it badly. ‘It’s your turn, baby,’ says the Dane. ‘Enters’. ‘No, I don’t go in’. ‘What do you mean you don’t come in?’ ‘No, I don’t go in. I didn’t lose it. ‘ To Laudrup. Then I had to get his attention. ‘Baby, you have to have respect’ and stuff. But he was rabid. There was a training session in which a veteran kicked him out of all protocol. He got up, asked for it again, and faced that same veteran. As if to say: ‘This is the fear I have of you’. What personality. He handled the referees in an incredible way. ‘Mr collegiate, it was a penalty, but don’t worry, I’m going to help you.’ And on the next play: ‘How are you, sir? It’s calm?’. And so he handled them. To the referees. Never seen. They never kicked him out. And I insist: a superior intelligence. “

For Valdano, Raúl is going to be “one of the best in the history of football” as a coach. “He transmits with the same demand that he applied to himself. He has something inherent in great coaches. Guardiola, Mourinho, Simeone have it: an unstoppable energy. If he’s here, he won’t let any of us speak. three hundred players from the quarry. Ask him about the one you want from the children. He is a marvel. I believe a lot in him as a coach. ”

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