Why am I being forced to eat only bad stuff?

I read your question, Leon, and it scared me very much: forcing a child to eat, and only “bad stuff” is terrible! I imagined a little boy, prisoner in a house, that his parents tied to a chair and that they forced to swallow horrible things: dead spiders, bad apples… I was distraught.

And then I read the letter from your parents. And what she says is a little different. Your parents don’t just give you “bad stuff” to eat. They’re trying to get you to eat … vegetables. And they don’t force you. They talk to you every day.

Why are they making so much effort? Because the job of parents is to help their children to build themselves in their heads and in their bodies. But bodies, like houses, can only be strong if the right materials are used. A paper roof will not stand up to the rain; a body, without a varied diet, will never have the strength it needs.

It is like that, and we must all, adults or children, accept it. And therefore accept, while eating the things we like, to get used to also eating what we like less. So I think you should stop the war with your parents and consider a deal. For example, at each meal: for each spoon of pasta or rice, a spoon of vegetables. And without protesting. It’s not a huge effort, and I’m sure you can do it perfectly, if you want to. What do you think ?

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