VOX cooking show: At the “perfect dinner”, the greatest know-it-all only delivers a “sad mono show”

Sustainability motto week at “The Perfect Dinner” on VOX: Even more sustainable than the selected ingredients and the reduced water consumption was only the annoyance about “smart ass” Ralf from Franconia. He took that as a compliment – but on the evening of the final he made a mistake.

You could have guessed it. That a sustainability theme week at “The Perfect Dinner” would turn out to be a bit top-heavy – it was not a real surprise. In the popular VOX series, there was rarely a chance of thinking outside the box. One of them calculated the low water consumption of his menu to the nearest liter – the next one gave ecologically conscious household tips. “It’s not that I stink or something …” said Thursday host Fiona (29). “But you can also hang out a T-shirt and put it on again and not just throw it in the laundry.”

However, the only meat fan of the group shot the bird in the theme week. On Monday, spice sommelier Ralf (46) reprimanded fashion designer Barbara (30) for using the wrong type of cinnamon. On Tuesday he almost knocked the tonka bean out of the hand of Phoebe (25) sustainability researcher during her kitchen round: “You, I would say it’s enough! But it’s your dish …”

“The perfect dinner” (VOX): “Just a clever smartass”

On Thursday at hostess Fiona’s in Munich, the competition finally got too colorful. When Ralf said he had to go back to the lecture, even with the harmless keyword “banana”, Chris (32) from Munich groaned: “Ralf, you know too much!” Phoebe had already seen through him by then: “He skilfully directs the topics to things he knows. He’s just a clever, smart-ass.” And Ralf? He felt flattered: “The emphasis is on clever.” Obviously, he was not offended by the term: “I’ve been told many times that I’m a smartass.”

“I want to be honest: It will be by far the most complex,” said the spice expert before “his” final evening. Just stupid: The anticipation was not only very limited with water expert Chris: “I want to be open-minded, but currently I don’t really feel like it.”

In the Franconian town of Pressig (near Coburg) there was a warm laugh. The reason: Chris had brought toilet reading from the quiet place: “In 100 sessions to the smart ass”. The group curled up: “We realize a lot.” Meanwhile, host Ralf was undaunted by self-confidence. He wanted to do everything “a little differently,” said the father of the family (four children): “One of my strengths is the creativity to sell shit as gold.”

The group cheers: “Now it’s nervous!”

The Franconian couldn’t really shine with the first non-vegan menu of the Sustainability Week. And that, although almost all the ingredients were freshly picked in the tropical house (menu motto: “Franconian forest meets rain forest”) in which Ralf works as scientific director. The general tenor of the raw papaya starter: “The last whistle was missing a bit.”

The main course didn’t get any better. Also because the oven perch caused problems. At the table, the unexpected calamities caused undisguised glee. “Now it’s nervous!” Cheered the group unabashedly. Fashion designer Barbara: “He always belittled us, I thought it was good to see that he suffered just as much as we did.”

“A Thousand Different Dellers”

“Thousands of different dellers – the greatest challenge of my life,” groaned the host in the Franconian idiom, surprisingly meek. Fiona recognized a pattern: “He’s a little harder to reduce himself, you notice that when you talk, and that is reflected in the food.” Only the dessert plate “Klein Eden” (“seasonal tropical fruits from the Franconian Forest in different variations”) was able to fully convince. Even if more was lectured than ate again.

When Barbara asked expert Chris to estimate the water consumption, the host answered anyway. “Stop, stop, stop!”, Barbara intervened resolutely. “I deliberately asked Chris so that it wouldn’t be a mono show!” – The fashion label founder later called it “sad” in front of the camera when guests had no other say.

Assessment – not a matter of course with such distortions – was nevertheless fair. Four times the 8 for Ralf resulted in a solid 32 points. The winner of the sustainability week at the “perfect dinner” was jazz musician Fiona from Munich with 38 points. Chris (36), Ralf (32), Barbara (29) and Phoebe (27) followed on the other places.

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