Union for the Republic and Democracy (URD): A Coordination created to support the candidacy of Dr Madou Diallo

For the presidential election of 2022, ten candidatures are available to the URD party (Union for the Republic and Democracy) including that of Dr Madou DIALLO, vice-president of the party. A group called Coordination of support for the candidacy of Madou DIALLO (CSCMD) was created for this purpose.

The main objective of this coordination is to support and share the ideals of Madou Diallo until his election as President of the Republic of Mali. Those responsible for this coordination, in this case its President, Adama Sidibé, were in front of the press, on Saturday, October 09, 2021, at the Carrefour des jeunes de Bamako to emphasize the intrinsic qualities of their favorite candidate, Dr Madou Diallo. .

This press briefing was chaired by the president of the Coordination of Support for Madou DIALLO’s candidacy (CSCMD), Adama Sidibé, in the presence of the other members of the coordination. “The candidacy of a disinterested man, a titan, a shadow tactician has undoubtedly captured our attention, both by its eloquence and its simplicity and its pedagogy: it is that of Dr. Madou Diallo, vice-president of BEN-URD and former President of the National Youth Movement of URD. We were therefore convinced that we must embark with this man, hence the creation of a group called Coordination of support for the candidacy of Madou DIALLO (CSCMD), ”said speaker Adama Sidibé.

According to him, the main objective of this coordination is to support and share the ideals of Madou Diallo until his future election as President of the Republic of Mali. It also aims, he says, to help young people understand the various issues of our century (globalization, geostrategy, migration, models of governance, politics, etc.) and the challenges to be taken up through training, awareness-raising, conference-debates. .

The speaker said that Dr Madou Diallo can embody the consensus to maintain the unity of the Party and federate a large majority of the nation’s living forces, in particular the political class, essential conditions for the success of the URD in the coming times. election.

According to Adama Sidibé, the confidence of his comrades allowed Dr Madou DIALLO to live an exceptional commitment experience: in 1999 becoming Secretary General of the ADEMA / PASJ Section of Algeria, representative of the candidate Soumaïla CISSE at the 2002 presidential election in Lyon, France and Deputy Secretary General of the URD Committee in Lyon when the Party was created in 2003, before joining the Kati Section and later having the honor of presiding over the destinies of the National Youth Movement of the Party from February 2011 to March 2016.

Deputy Secretary General of the Section of Kati, Honorary President of the Section of Nioro du Sahel, Head of the External Relations Secretariat from where he piloted the URD’s accession process to the Liberal International and to the International of the Democrats of the Center with the choice of the liberal social option and today Vice-president of the BEN of the Party. He recalled that Dr Madou Diallo is a former student of the Lycée Askia Mohamed where he obtained his baccalaureate in Human Sciences series.

After a master’s degree in diplomacy at the National School of Administration (ENA) in Algiers, he flew to France. In France, he obtained a DEA / Master in International Law and International Relations at the University of Lyon 3 and a Doctorate in Public Law at the University of Descartes Paris 5 with very honorable mention.

Foreign Affairs Advisor by profession, the speaker specifies that Dr Madou DIALLO was for several years one of the centerpieces of the Ministry of Relations with Institutions, in his capacity as technical advisor. “He was also Secretary General of the National Assembly, before his appointment as Director of International Organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, with the title of Ambassador.

For his path marked by success, this intelligence is a man experienced in the task for his constant sacrifice for the party, Madou Diallo succeeds in the party’s fight for his blameless services rendered to the nation, Madou Diallo is presidential for his positions, Madou Diallo would merge with the consensus candidate. So the URD must not wait any longer, ”concluded the president of the Coordination of support for the candidacy of Madou DIALLO (CSCMD), Adama Sidibé.

Aguibou Sogodogo

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