Traffic light coalition: Habeck suddenly sounds the alarm - "Then Germany will go crazy"

Traffic light coalition: Habeck suddenly sounds the alarm – “Then Germany will go crazy”

10/11/2021 at 8:36 am

Jamaica, traffic lights, Kenya: that’s behind the names of possible coalitions

Jamaica, traffic lights, Kenya: that’s behind the names of possible coalitions

It will not only be exciting for the general election on September 26th. Even after the election there will be many unanswered questions. Because: the parties are in the coalition negotiations. Who rules with whom? What covenants will there be? Jamaica, traffic lights or Kenya? What is behind these terms? We’ll explain it to you.

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This week could be crucial in the negotiations between SPD, Greens and FDP. In three exploratory talks on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, the party leaders want to clarify whether one Traffic light coalition is possible. If they continue to be trusting and willing to compromise, coalition negotiations could then begin.

But in new interviews, Greens boss Robert Habeck suddenly makes it more than clear that the traffic light will not be a sure-fire success.

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The possible timetable for the traffic light coalition:

  • Further exploratory talks are to take place in Berlin on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
  • The general secretaries of the SPD, Greens and FDP also want to meet on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • At the end of the week, an interim balance should be drawn.
  • After that, coalition negotiations could begin via a traffic light with larger negotiating teams.
  • After a coalition agreement has been negotiated, Olaf Scholz could be elected Chancellor.
  • The new federal government should be sworn in by mid-December.


News blog about the traffic light explorations: Will there be a new coalition under Chancellor Olaf Scholz?

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8.25 a.m.: Traffic light coalition: Habeck suddenly sounds the alarm – “Then Germany goes crazy”

In two interviews you can hear new tones from Green boss Robert Habeck. He emphasizes to the ZDF and Deutschlandfunk how big the differences are, especially to the FDP. “The finances are a huge problem”, said Habeck in the ZDF program “Berlin direkt”. “These are almost ideological problems or differences that collide”.

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Now the election campaign is over and “the time of the imagination” begins to come together. He sees opportunities to build bridges. However, this would be difficult and complicated and would have to “end in a face-saving manner”. If the traffic lights fail, Germany will “go nuts” when there will be a “grand coalition” again, warns the Greens chairman. That’s why you have to “pull yourself together a bit” in the traffic light negotiations, according to Habeck on ZDF.

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But also in an interview with the “Deutschlandfunk”, Habeck emphasized with clear words that there were fundamental differences. These would not only concern questions of the budget, but how more could be invested in climate protection.

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“We have a lot of conflicts in terms of content,” said Habeck in this radio interview. The trusting atmosphere should not hide this. It is “far from over”, the differences between the parties are “partly significant”.

7.55 a.m.: Head of the Green Youth shoots against the FDP – “Don’t sell for pot”

The newly elected federal spokesman of the Green Youth, Timon Dzienus, shot in his application speech at the party congress of the youth organization against the FDP and increased the pressure in the traffic light negotiations: “We will not sell the fight for a fairer world for smoking weed, dear FDP” . With this, Dzienus alluded to the fact that the Greens and the FDP are close to each other on issues of cannabis legalization, but are worlds away on financial and social policy.

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Last year, Dzienus FDP boss Lindner called a “right puke”, “yellow zero” and “simply disgusting”. Under him, the FDP is not capable of governing in the federal government.

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When asked about the mood among the Green Youth, Robert Habeck said that the numerous young MPs in his parliamentary group were also aware of how politics work and that the Greens only won 14.8 percent in the election and therefore not every high goal could be achieved .

7.20 a.m.: FDP General Secretary confirms “red lines” of his party before new traffic light talks

Before continuing the exploratory traffic light talks, the Liberals reaffirmed their fundamental positions. “The red lines of the FDP are known: no tax increases and no relaxation of the debt brake of our Basic Law,” said the parliamentary manager of the FDP parliamentary group, Marco Buschmann, the “Spiegel”.

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Nevertheless, he was confident about the chances of a government coalition with the SPD and the Greens. There are still “other areas of friction”, but all three parties are ambitious. “The discussions must show whether there is frictional energy for a forward impulse. So far everything has been very serious and professional. It is clear to everyone involved: It’s about our country, ”said the Liberal.

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