They repatriate and relocate the 652 migrants rescued in 3 trailers in Tamaulipas

This weekend, 652 migrants that on Thursday night they were traveling crowded, hidden in 3 double trailer trailers in Oyama, Tamaulipas, They were returnees, taken to immigration stations in the southeast of the country and minors admitted to the DIF in Chiapas and Tabasco.

“We are talking about a very large group, 652 people, something that there is no reference to; it has perhaps become the main source of activity for criminal groups “said Luis Alberto Rodríguez Juárez, spokesman for the Tamaulipas Security Cabinet.

“This is a million-dollar industry, that’s why it doesn’t stop, because migrants represent that, a commodity; it is an average of 100,000 pesos per person, it does not matter if they are children “, explained Ana Luz Minera Castillo, doctor in Anthropology, specialist in migrant children and adolescents.

“As we do not have the capacity to house them at these points, we have to look for the options of shelters and obviously migratory stations for adults and obviously the biggest, because we all know it, which is Villahermosa and Tapachula, a large part is already in Villahermosa and another part is in Tapachula and obviously the unaccompanied minors, the vast majority are already in both shelters and have already been transferred by plane “, pointed out Segismundo Doguin Martínez, head of the National Institute of Migration in Tamaulipas.

How did migrants travel aboard a double trailer trailer?

Of the 652 migrants rescued by the Army and the National Migration Institute, more than half, 349, are girls, boys and adolescents, of which 30%, that is, 198, traveled alone, in serious overcrowding conditions. .

“According to the testimonies that several of them gave, they had already been 36 hours without taking any food and without physiological needs; there were people who were happy that they had finally been set free “, narrated Luis Alberto Rodríguez Juárez, spokesman for the Tamaulipas Security Cabinet.

After being discovered by the Army’s gamma ray cameras, at kilometer 53 of the Ciudad Victoria -Monterrey highway, the trailers were taken to the Tamaulipas Public Security Complex, enabled a few hours by the authorities as a station for immigration procedures, where they received food and shelter from the federal and state authorities and medical attention from the Red Cross.

“The face, sadness was the common denominator of all, the majority approached to ask for water, serum, there were children from the age of 2, there were children with arms, children of 2 years, children of 4 who were the ones who were playing and had a large number of minors, minors that we will be talking about between 13 to about 15, 16 years old “, commented Hugo Alberto Velázquez Alcázar, state coordinator of Socorros, of the Mexican Red Cross.

“Before being migrants, children are children, wherever they are, they do not stop being children, childhood and adolescence are human conditions wherever they go”, said Ana Luz Minera Castillo, doctor in Anthropology, specialist in migrant children and adolescents.

After being stabilized, at dawn on Friday and over the weekend, the repatriation process began and returned to the immigration stations and the DIF in Tabasco and Chiapas by buses or flights from Tampico. On Sunday afternoon, it was confirmed that of the 652 migrants, none were already in Tamaulipas, although there is the possibility that many of them will try again to reach the United States.

“Coyotes work in a very particular way; They give them three chances. If they are detected the first or second time, the migrant, a family that pays for the services, has the possibility of trying again up to three times; many of them already have relatives in the United States, they are the ones who finance these trips “added Dr. Ana Luz Minera Castillo.

With information from Francisco Santa Anna.


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